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  1. Re: 19.1 Install Error - Could not access network location


    I had the same thing happen to me while testing a new installer for our software, separate from the error my dad got. It happens after re-downloading the client installer, so that is not...
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    Re: SQL Filters and aliases

    It should just work. I set up a simple test on one of our aliased files like so:

    Object oJournal is a Journal_DataDictionary // master
    Set pbUseDDRelates to True

  3. Thread: Error 28696

    by matthewd

    Re: Error 28696

    This was very helpful and led me to the solution, in our case only certain customers were getting the error. We were of course very careful whenever modifying the DF_OPEN_PATH to always restore it...
  4. Re: Best way to upload files from Windows application to WebApp?

    Before I started I suspected I might need to do a base64 encode for transmitting binary files because I have a general awareness that that is a thing that's done.

    With my proof of concept, I tried...
  5. Best way to upload files from Windows application to WebApp?

    I have a proof of concept working now using a cHttpTransfer on the Windows side and a cWebHttpHandler on the WebApp side to make and receive a POST request to transfer a file. Easy-peasy. (I can say...
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    Re: Copy and paste

    This is no doubt helpful, but if you are like me and are wondering what the heck to do with hBitmap once you have it, I found a simpler, higher level approach using the Graphics Library:

  7. Re: Updating comboform value on CodeJock toolbar

    Thanks Wil!

    That worked, as did this:

    Get ComFindItem of hoCombo sTypeFace to iItem
    if (iItem>0) Set ComListIndex of hoCombo to iItem

    Which is what I thought I already tried. Arrgh!
  8. Updating comboform value on CodeJock toolbar

    First time I'm using the CodeJock toolbar's xtpControlComboBox, and I'm trying to update the value displayed in the comboform dynamically.

    From the help I've cobbled this together:

  9. Re: Record buffer Lock question with MS SQL database

    We still have customers on embedded so I made a slight adjustment to the autoincrement logic to support both SQL sequences and traditional DD auto increment.

    If the last control number in the...
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    Re: Exporting 1 Million Records very slow

    That doesn't seem right to me, but now knowing how your code is structured and the size of you data, it is hard to say why?

    I ran a simple test with the SQL query/fetch separated from from...
  11. Thread: Screen shots.

    by matthewd

    Re: Screen shots.


    I this what you are looking for?

    (There's a few different ZIPs Ivan posted and there is a message that you...
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    Re: Extra License issue

    Technically it's the same user account, if you are looking in Task Manager, but it is different in certain ways. (One way for example is that elevated processes don't carry over network drive...
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    Re: Extra License issue

    Did you verify through Task Manager whether one app was elevated and the other not?
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    Re: Errors 77 and 13001

    The DF_DRIVER_CACHE_PATH attribute can be set at runtime, after determining the SQL driver version if you wanted to store different CCH files in different folders.
  15. Re: Vshellexecute DDE-error: No application associated with the given filename extention (PDF)

    I have been having trouble recently maintaining the default application for PDF files. I've been using Foxit Reader for years, but recently it seems Edge and Chrome have been taking over the file...
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    Re: cWinReport2 csv export

    One thing I started doing with export is putting the export data into a string[][]. Then I have two classes, one for CSV exporting and one for Excel exporting. Both support the same interfaces, so...
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    Re: ws files additional parameters

    We started doing this with SQL server connection info (before the Connection ID stuff was added). We put our own settings in a separate section [Database] so there was less change of a collision...
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    Re: VPE testing with Pro edition

    Did you remove the call to the license method (probably ComVpeLicense? I don't use the COM class). I believe the call to VpeLicense (DLL) determines what features you can access. Not calling...
  19. Re: DF_FILE_ROOT_NAME attribute returns blank followup + "fix"?

    A brief followup:

    The Studio (19.1) can be impacted by this problem as well. The situation is a workspace for an in house application, with a SQL database and filelist.cfg and the INT files...
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    Re: cJsonHttpTransfer

    The cJsonHttpTransfer class by default expects to get back some JSON, that's why HttpGetJson et al returns a handle to a cJSONObject. If they get back something else, they obviously can't convert...
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    Re: cJsonHttpTransfer

    I added a function to my cJsonHttpTransfer subclass to get the data received back:

    // get the data received into a string, useful if non-JSON data is returned
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    Re: Stop Box Notificaion Image?

    I made a replacement message box a while back, it's here:

    You can supply your own bitmap. An ICO would be...
  23. Re: DF_FILE_ROOT_NAME attribute returns blank followup + "fix"?

    Interesting, and pre-dates the release of Server 2019. If this has the same cause, then perhaps something in 2019 makes it more likely to happen that previous versions of Windows Server...
  24. DF_FILE_ROOT_NAME attribute returns blank followup + "fix"?

    In October Mike Cooper reported a problem with the DF_FILE_ROOT_NAME attribute returning a blank here:

    I think we've experienced this...
  25. Re: Any OS dependencies for cHttpTransfer/cJsonHttpTransfer

    Thank you Frank! That was it.

    Google search turned up the following instructions here which I used: ...
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