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  1. Re: Migration from DB2 to Mysql - loss of performance

    Sorry Garret,

    I was too busy multitasking (or failing to) and replied at the wrong point. MySQL (also known as MariaDB) can scale to petabytes. It's a similar layout to DB2.

    BTW, how many...
  2. Re: Data segregation based on user authorization

    Hi Michael,

    Hope you're well and enjoy the holidays. I assume that you are depending on Active Directory and/or the data server to enforce your ACLs. Do you have better tools for managing the AD...
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    Re: Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

    Hi Bob,

    I know what your are referring to. We're talking about differnt realms. I'm not referring to a single application, but a business's complete environment. Any regulated industry will have...
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    Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

    Hi folks,

    I'm doing a bit of idle research into FHE ( The point of FHE is to allow you to have another party perform operations on your encrypted...
  5. Data segregation based on user authorization

    Hi folks,

    I'm curious how people with apps in regulated industries are handling data segregation/siloing to meet regulator requirements. Are you depending on the database administration to...
  6. Re: Migration from DB2 to Mysql - loss of performance

    With a DB that large you're going to want a screaming machine with an enormous amout of RAM and the fastest storage you can get. Without a large RAM cache, a database that large will be slow. The...

    You guessed correctly that as long as the length operation is non-zero it's evaluated as true. These types of errors are like that. Just like you see what you intended to type rather than what's on...
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    Re: Is there any version that can run on 64bit?

    Hi Janne,

    If you install the 32-bit libraries on a multilib capable machine, DF3.2 apparently runs correctly. Just a web search for Linux (or whatever other specific os) 32-bit on x86_64. You'll...
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