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    Re: Observation DAC

    You must remove the check of the tables you don’t want to touch.
  2. Re: SMTP Email with different ReplyTo address, Office 365

    That was still short.

    Come on Garrret. You can do better! :p
  3. Re: Sample View showing effects of process pooling

    Nice job Mike.

    This or something similar should be added to the samples workspaces.
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    Re: size of a file?

    Rules like that are implemented at email’s server level. Your sending server should bot restrict it, but the receiving server could.

    This is totally out of your control. And rules may change over...
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    Re: Form Garbled Text

    I assumed it was a typo
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    Re: Form Garbled Text

    I cant see the attachment..

    But If I remember correctly, this might be due a kerning change on Windows 10, and DAW "fixed/adjusted" it just in 18.2 only.

    Doc from 18.2 bugs fixed list:
  7. Re: WebService and RedirectConnectionId

    But I assume you are going to perform this redirect for all incoming requests, and you don’t have a “standard db”
    if you need to perform the redirect to only a subset of your webservice functions,...
  8. Re: WebService and RedirectConnectionId

    No need to worry about other in-process running.
    The redirect will affect only your current process serving your request.
  9. Re: Understanding unhandled error exceptions callstack

    You need to keep a copy of the prn file created during the compilation of your running exe.
    The address information in the stack will be the line number in such prn file.
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    Re: DR6.2 / MSSQL, multiDB

    nice one, Edgar.
  11. Re: Non-data-aware cWebList doesn't respect pbAllowDeleteRow?

    I can't agree more...
  12. Re: Non-data-aware cWebList doesn't respect pbAllowDeleteRow?

    Per the help doc, it should prevent it..
    It says nothing beyond the obvious.

    but , by looking at the class implementation, the property is only checked for data-aware lists..

  13. Re: Ugh -- same thing AGAIN! Administrator rights required! What is going on?!

    When working on webapp projects, your webapp is running in background. you have to stop it if you plan to perform tables modification that requires exclusive access.

    Launch WebApp Adminstrator,...
  14. Re: DF 19.1 Order Sample - Error loading DR

    But there wasn’t a period where one of initial df 20 previews was still sharing the same DR version shipped with 19.1?

    So when it got uninstalled, dr ocx got unregistered. But then latest df 20...
  15. Re: DF 19.1 Order Sample - Error loading DR


    It was really un-registered for some (obscure) reason.
    Manually registered it with regsvr32 cmd and the error is gone.

    Got unregistered by DF 20 installation ?

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    Re: Next Alpha ?

    Haven’t you learned yet that “soon” is a relative term? :p
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    Re: datediff

    Look closer and you will see that this function belong to DR help chapter.

    When you install DR and you have studio as well both helps get mingled for you convenience
  18. Re: DF 19.1 Order Sample - Error loading DR

    I have the same CLSID

    // CoClass
    // ProgID: DRAPI.Demo.6.2
    // CLSID: {72EFE658-9743-42E3-83E9-B568BE9F5799}
    // DataFlex Reports 2018 Demo Runtime
  19. Re: DF 19.1 Order Sample - Error loading DR

    Me neither

    that’s why I posted this. I never installed DR here. Only thing I ha been doing regard DAW’s product was uninstalling and installing df 2020 preview releases.

    Is there any way to...
  20. DF 19.1 Order Sample - Error loading DR

    Hi DAW

    Posting this here, because faced issue running order sample.. but feel free to move it to DR forum if the case.

    I don't have DR, never had.

    Today I tried to compile and run...
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    Re: Set NOCOUNT ON Question

    Really, the lack of Fetch is the culprit ?

    Wonder if we "for some strange reason" one decide to break the fetch/loop without reading the entire result-set, and decide to close the statement in...
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    Re: Set NOCOUNT ON Question


    Thanks for the explanations Martin

    Unfortunately we had to "guess" based on experience.. It would be nice if such details get documented, so we know better what happens under the covers....
  23. Re: Issues making SetIndexesForSelectedRows work

    Never had to use them.. but help says that when you plan to use them your list must be static.

    Can you confirm this is your case ?
  24. Thread: Open as

    by Samuel Pizarro

    Re: Open as

    have you checked the final value of your sConecta string, to make sure it was properly formed ?

    Is any error shown ?
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    Re: Constraints on two DD:s in a view

    ItemGroup is really a column in OrderLine table ?

    Or is it another parent of OrderLine ?

    By the names, I guess you have OrderLine -> Item -> ItemGroup , so a grandparent of OrderLine. ...
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