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  1. Re: Can't get PDF to show in IFrame

    Mike, found it.
    I had experienced this problem in the past, but I had forgotten what caused it. It is very simple and funny: An uppercase file extension!
    If you generate the URL of the file with...
  2. Re: Can't get PDF to show in IFrame

    I tested it and it doesn't work for me either. Something might be wrong when we combine the DownloadURL function with a cWebModalDialog control or something like that. However, I got it...
  3. Re: Can't get PDF to show in IFrame

    I'm working with PDFs and IFrames right now. Check your output panel, it might tell you the Download Folder is not registered. Sometimes I forget to register the required folder. If that is...
  4. Disable cWebFileUploadButton drop zone

    I have been working with some WebFileUpload buttons and they are pretty nice. I have even created a file upload confirmation dialog to let users preview the file they have selected before actually...
  5. Re: Constrain to runtime (Bugs?)

    This is making me doubt. What happens with DataDictionary defined properties? They are not web properties, does that mean that they are not process pooling safe? For example, if you set psSQLFilter...
  6. Re: psPlaceholder just not working in cWebGrid

    Hello Mike,
    I have seen this behaviour before. This happens for every cWebGrid, cWebLists doesn't suffer from that. I guess it has something to do with the cWebGrid being editable and the cWebList...
  7. Clearing temporary files folder

    Hello guys. I am looking for a clean way to use cWebResourceManager. We have several components in our web app in which we generate (DataFlex Reports, CSV, Excel,...) or decrypt files on a temporary...
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    Re: Highlight even rows

    Damm Vincent, sorry, I mean they are highlighted, that "not" shouldn't be there :(
    It is working fine for group headers.

    Now I just need it to reset on new pages. I have enabled "repeat the group...
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    Re: Highlight even rows

    Hi Vincent!
    Thank you for answering so fast. That is a nice and simple trick, I have already implemented it and now the first rows after group headers are not highlighted! Just a last question and...
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    Highlight even rows

    This is just a question to improve an already working report(s), nothing is broken: We have some complex reports in which we need to highlight (light gray) every even row on the report and we...
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    Re: LibXL - Some questions

    Hello Mike,

    Yes, this is indeed what my code does right now (even though it uses "number" format functions) and it seems to work fine. I hope it won't be a problem for our clients (perhaps...
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    Re: LibXL - Some questions

    Marco, I have just tried it. If I check the date value before writing it and it has an empty value or a date older than 00/01/1900, I write NullDateTime() instead of that date in the given cell....
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    LibXL - Some questions

    Hello guys!

    We have been working with LibXL recently in order to export data on our applications and it seems to be working nicely. However we have a lot to learn about it!

    First question...
  14. Re: Is this possible with DF Reports?

    I will find a way to do it without a crosstab then. I will emulate it on the details section using horizontal and vertical lines, filler sections, some functions and so on.
    Thank you Vincent!
  15. Is this possible with DF Reports?

    I have found a difficult situation trying to migrate some legacy Crystal reports to DF. The given report has a "crosstab" which only spans one row and inside that row it displays an amount of...
  16. Auto clearing cWebSuggestionForm DataDictionary with empty text

    Hi, I'm trying to make the cWebSuggestionForm control to perform a clear operation on its server when the user deletes the text it had typed. I want to do that because sometimes users will use the...
  17. Re: Printing and Downloading files

    Hello, I think you can download files using DownloadURL or CustomDownload. Remember to register the folder in which you have your files before using those functions with RegisterDownloadFolder or you...
  18. Re: Apply constrain on cWebPromptList (With pbAutoServer)

    This is exactly what I was trying to do. I have been able to solve it and this is what I did just in case someone finds it useful:
    Using the function ReadingServer of the PrompList, which returns...
  19. Re: Apply constrain on cWebPromptList (With pbAutoServer)

    Currently I have it set to true and I would like to keep it this way. This is the behaviour I have observed:

    pbAutoServer = False: Only parent view constrains applied, I can't apply new constrains...
  20. Apply constrain on cWebPromptList (With pbAutoServer)

    I have a cWebView and a cWebModalDialog containing a PrompList. My idea is to keep the constrains of the invoking view DD plus a couple more filters defined on the PrompList view in order to...
  21. Re: Display horizontal orientation Report with a cWebDRReportViewer

    I simplified my code a bit and it works like the example. Now it renders everything correctly. The cause of my problem was that I was displaying the report as an image (Set peMode to C_IMAGEOUTPUT)...
  22. Display horizontal orientation Report with a cWebDRReportViewer

    I would like to show the content of a horizontal report (Page layout->Landscape orientation) inside a cWebDRReportViewer on a Web Application. Vertical reports are displayed flawlessly but the...
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