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  1. Re: FilpSwitch CheckBox in Material Theme - Does not looks good

    I am sorry we apparently missed this during the alpha beta cycle. Vertical alignment within browsers is a bit quirky and inconsistent across different devices.

    Anyhow, we'll improve this for next...
  2. Re: WebRegisterPath when using OnDefineMenu

    Don't use the OnLoad event, it is triggered when a user loads the webapp, not web the webapp process starts. You want to register all your paths when the webapp starts. You could just do this in the...
  3. Re: Custom web lookup not working properly on cWebColumn

    Can you post an example demoing this issue?
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    Re: testing SPLF

    No, that is not what I was saying. But using SPLF (especially with multiple slaves) does add extra requirements to your application. You are responsible for designing an architecture in which data is...
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    Re: 19.1 on Windows XP

    Without trying to encourage installing on Windows 7, it should work... There are however problems known caused by issues with the Visual C Runtime. If you have issues, please make sure that the...
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    Re: Show Toast/Snackbar

    Yeah, the value of psClientOnClick isn't simply evaluated. It parses it to find the function and the logic that makes "window." and "this." prefixes work is actually coded into the WebApp Framework...
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    Re: testing SPLF

    Are you using the standard Web Framework file streaming (DownloadUrl)? In that case it generates a URL for the file path. When opening this URL a random slave processes the request and will try to...
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    Re: WebRegisterPath too inflexible

    Marco explains it pretty well. The idea behind WebRegisterPath is that each process after starting up knows all possible navigation paths so that it can validate URL's and doesn't allow random paths...
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    Re: psTooltip on cWebColumnButton

    Suggestion logged..
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    Re: cwebhttphandler support for XML/HL7

    Ijmert, how did you check this? The data provided by RequestDataUChar is the unconverted data that came in. So if the incoming HTTP request is using UTF-8 encoding then it should be UTF-8 data in the...
  11. Re: cWebColumnSuggestion - not working, but the mouse does.

    In my test environment the enter key to select an item works perfectly well. Could it be a more specific scenario where this doesn't work? Is it in a dialog or in a view? Which browser?
  12. Re: RequestLogOut of cWebSessionManager partially implemented ?

    The idea behind LoginSupported is that you only login to access certain parts of the application. The login system does not know which parts and if a reload of the application is necessary, which is...
  13. Re: Get column value in cWebGrid on a non entry

    A data aware grid performs a save when changing rows and then refreshes the row values. So OnSetCalculatedValue will be executed again to determine the newly saved value. You probably want to...
  14. Re: Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

    Unfortunately we don't have a way to easily share JavaScript (and HTML & CSS files) across workspaces. I'd recommend putting it in a separate .js file and including it from index.html. That makes it...
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    Re: Get rid of back menu button

    Look at how the WebOrderMobile samples hides the entire menu bar. You should be able to do the same in your login screen for just the button.
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    Re: SyncProp properties error

    This means that you are calling WebSet before the system can handle web properties. If you go up in the callstack you should be able to find which WebSet is causing this.
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    Re: DF 19.1 - View psCaption Sync issue ?

    All web properties on the view and child objects inside the view that have been WebSet.
  18. Re: Supported Operating System and Browser Environments

    We are investigating these issues and so far found the following:

    - The WebApp Server server installer does not install the DataFlex Reports Demo OCX, that is a bug (the OCX was bound to the...
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    Re: DF19.1 StateHashKey

    Object oWebFloatingPanel1 is a cWebFloatingPanel
    Set pePosition to fpFloatLeftSqueezeWebApp
    Set piWidth to 300
    Set psCssClass to "Shadow"
    Set pbVisible to True
  20. Re: Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

    Yes, I am able to reproduce now, I only tested this on Chrome. There is indeed a bug here where FireFox & Edge do not seem to trigger OnBlur any more when removing an element with the focus from the...
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    Re: DF 19.1 - View psCaption Sync issue ?

    Well.. 'bug' is a relative term.. ;)

    With a desktop-style application a view comes up as you left it when switching back and forth between views. With the drill-down model when navigating into a...
  22. Re: Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

    The chrome error likely is a caching issue. This error occurs when a pre 19.1 JavaScript engine communicates with a 19.1 web framework webservice. Unfortunately the version check of the web framework...
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    Re: Problem Installing 19.1 Studio

    The only change in dfedit40 in DataFlex 19.1 is that is now built using Visual Studio 2017 and the newer Windows SDK. We moved our entire codebase over from Visual Studio 2008. I can imagine that...
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    Re: Problem Installing 19.1 Studio

    Could you run dependency walker against this DLL on that machine? And post a screenshot of the results..
  25. Re: Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

    Hi Rachael,

    What browser are you seeing this in?

    Could you post runnable sample code demoing this? For example a view I could drop into WebOrder..
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