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    Re: JSON invalid contentType

    If you need to look at the actual data received, the following function might be helpful:

    // get the data received into a string, useful if non-JSON data is returned
  2. Re: Restarting a web app process when a critical error isn't a critical error

    I'd forgotten about that, though the error does say it's "unrecoverable"!

    I did first check in SSMS to make sure the web app server could connect to the SQL server, and when that connection was...
  3. Restarting a web app process when a critical error isn't a critical error

    This morning we had a customer report no one could log into the web app. They were getting the following error 12289 message:

    I restarted the web app and it started working fine. My guess is...
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    Re: I hate CODEMAST

    That was the first thing I checked; it shows 254. Of course my CODEMAST.FD is fine, it's the one in C:\Program Files (x86)\DataFlex 19.1\Lib that is screwed up. It's dated 5/17/2021. So it has...
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    Re: I hate CODEMAST

    I didn't have time to fully explain the problem, but here it is: in cCodeMaintOpen_Mixin.pkg (19.1) for some reason Codemast.file_number is 208 (the old #) rather than the 254, and this is resulting...
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    I hate CODEMAST

    Am I correct in my understanding that to use OPEN AS with a SQL table, you have to do the following:


    And that

    OPEN "CODEMAST" as...
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    Re: Barcode Scanner

    Any tips for troubleshooting? On both my phones it doesn't seem to work, tapping on the Start scanner button expands the "Scanner" box, but there is nothing in it. Should I get a question asking if...
  8. Re: Why might a tab view page refuse to re-open?

    This is a shot in the dark, but a couple weeks back we had a customer with a view that didn't open. Turns out it was open, it just was not visible. We could navigate, press [F4] to activate look...
  9. Re: DataFlex Learning Center - Course example downloads

    They also make great refreshers when you know you've gone through the training at a conference but it's a year later and you finally have the time/need to put into practice what you learned at the...
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    Re: Updating running DataFlex applications

    What I have found updating a program EXE on a server that is currently in use on workstations:

    On the Computer Management console, you must first close open copies of the EXE under Shared...
  11. Re: Suggestion: More flexible finds (SQL backends)

    If the primary table for the lookup is ORDERHEA, you can't use CUSTOMER.NAME in the ordering of the lookup. I don't think you can do what you want in your grid example without using a SQL view and...
  12. Re: Are file associations really useful for source files?

    Well it actually happened in (gag!) WinCVS, which has a nice feature to customize the right click menu so I've banished the "Open" option.
  13. Are file associations really useful for source files?

    And should it work differently?

    When you double click on a source file it seems to open an instance of the studio associated with the file extensions, which automatically opens the last workspace,...
  14. Re: 19.1 Install Error - Could not access network location

    FWIW, I tried the installation of the 2021 Client and that went through without a hitch on the same VM that I get the error installing the 19.1 client...

    (The 19.0 client also installed without a...
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    Re: DF does not like high res screens.

    I have noticed this too on my 4K screen running at 150%, objects based on the obsolete List class do not scale the row height to accommodate larger font sizes. At 150% descenders on letters are cut...
  16. Re: 19.1 Install Error - Could not access network location

    No, it didn't create the License Files folder. And not running it as admin.

    I took a closer look at the two install log files that I generated in Beyond Compare, and the one that fails is missing...
  17. Re: 19.1 Install Error - Could not access network location


    I had the same thing happen to me while testing a new installer for our software, separate from the error my dad got. It happens after re-downloading the client installer, so that is not...
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    Re: SQL Filters and aliases

    It should just work. I set up a simple test on one of our aliased files like so:

    Object oJournal is a Journal_DataDictionary // master
    Set pbUseDDRelates to True

  19. Thread: Error 28696

    by matthewd

    Re: Error 28696

    This was very helpful and led me to the solution, in our case only certain customers were getting the error. We were of course very careful whenever modifying the DF_OPEN_PATH to always restore it...
  20. Re: Best way to upload files from Windows application to WebApp?

    Before I started I suspected I might need to do a base64 encode for transmitting binary files because I have a general awareness that that is a thing that's done.

    With my proof of concept, I tried...
  21. Best way to upload files from Windows application to WebApp?

    I have a proof of concept working now using a cHttpTransfer on the Windows side and a cWebHttpHandler on the WebApp side to make and receive a POST request to transfer a file. Easy-peasy. (I can say...
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    Re: Copy and paste

    This is no doubt helpful, but if you are like me and are wondering what the heck to do with hBitmap once you have it, I found a simpler, higher level approach using the Graphics Library:

  23. Re: Updating comboform value on CodeJock toolbar

    Thanks Wil!

    That worked, as did this:

    Get ComFindItem of hoCombo sTypeFace to iItem
    if (iItem>0) Set ComListIndex of hoCombo to iItem

    Which is what I thought I already tried. Arrgh!
  24. Updating comboform value on CodeJock toolbar

    First time I'm using the CodeJock toolbar's xtpControlComboBox, and I'm trying to update the value displayed in the comboform dynamically.

    From the help I've cobbled this together:

  25. Re: Record buffer Lock question with MS SQL database

    We still have customers on embedded so I made a slight adjustment to the autoincrement logic to support both SQL sequences and traditional DD auto increment.

    If the last control number in the...
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