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    Re: OT, any GIT gurus out there?

    Have a look at Git Flow. It sounds like that might be a good work flow for you.

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  2. Re: to Exit a TabView only under certain condition

    Just a crazy thought. Set all other UI controls as read only until your condition is met :D
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    Re: cHttpTransfer and caching

    I had some similar issues with expecially Json GET methods was only send once. Setting this flag (along with ifSecure if needed) did the trick. Thanks for providing the solution :)
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    Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

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    Re: Version Control Software

    We use Git with great success. One client app that you may what to look at is SmartGit. It does the heavy lifting where the console prompt can be a bit complex.
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    Re: When is Abort not an Abort?

    Not sure if there is a difference between a yesno_box and an info_box here. In my application it removes the desktop (with deactivate) but the messagebox i still active. But it doen't matter since I...
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    Re: When is Abort not an Abort?

    Ah. That is on "the wrong side of the timer". I already have a messagebox on the screen when the timer fires.

    What I have done now is to let the application kill itself via windows api calls. I...
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    Re: When is Abort not an Abort?

    I've just tried this, and while the desktop is indeed closed, the yesno_box is still active. Not until I click a button to close the messagebox the application closes. Anyone tried this and got it to...
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    Re: Error 25: Record Not Found

    I've seen this after con. kit version 6 and it also occured during a request_delete. What I have found is it happens when you have external tables in your data structure. Make sure that whenever you...
  10. Re: How can I get the response description of a http error?

    I can't remember if I ever got the description back but the new DF beta version has a native HTTP client class (cWebHttpHandler) where you can control every aspect of the request/reply including...
  11. Re: Disable floating menu for DescriptionValidationTable

    Hi Wil.
    Thanks for confirming that it would work :) And I agree. I could have written that statement better! Thanks for making the correct example code. I'll try that right away.
  12. Re: Disable floating menu for DescriptionValidationTable

    Hi Vincent.

    That is indeed the one I am referring to. If you would please have a look at my screen shots here I can show you what context menu I am talking about and how it is called.

  13. Re: Disable floating menu for DescriptionValidationTable

    Ah yes. But it is used when selecting from a DD class. So I guess it is a general singelton (global object) that is controlling the selection from the DescriptionValidationTable.
  14. Disable floating menu for DescriptionValidationTable

    Are there a good way to disable the context menu for all objects of DescriptionValidationTable? It seems to be comming from the Floating_Menu_object property from the FloatingPopupMenu_Mixin class....
  15. Re: Code you REALLY do not want to run on a production database. Ever.

    heh heh... Love it!
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    Re: ByRef is broken

    I've used this ... ehm ... "feature" for quite some time, where I can choose to send either a constant string or a variable with or without & to a method with a byref parameter. It would break my...
  17. Re: Changeing a table with a timetamp column is not working in the studio

    Changes in the table are just fine in SSMS. But I believe you are right about the restructure order from DF.
    I am asking around to here if it is needed anymore :)
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    Re: Ignore JavaScript Engine

    Oh. Just noticed that the document state this for the cBaseWebApp:
    "This is an abstract class and should never be used by a developer for object instantiation. While a developer could use this class...
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    Re: Ignore JavaScript Engine

    Great! That was actually a better class to use since I do not need the javaengine and all the UI for the pure webservice methods. Thanks for the help.
  20. Changeing a table with a timetamp column is not working in the studio

    MSSQL con. kit.

    If I make a change in a table that has a sql timestamp Data Type i get an error if I try to change any change to the table from the studio. The error is:...
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    Ignore JavaScript Engine

    When I select a workspace that does not have the need for a JavaScript engine I get an error message saying that I need to upgrade:
    WebApp Version Conflict...
  22. Re: defineSimpleNullableQualParameter

    Hi Jørgen.

    I've just migrated to DF19.0 and came across a compile error of the same missing method. It turns out it has been renamed to

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    Re: Read file twice in one procedure

    cFilesystem has a csv reader to a buffer that might be usefull as a start. It is located on vdf-guidance.

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  24. Re: Reindex nightmare with multiple data paths

    Another solutions could be the just uploaded maintenance tool that can reindex your tables fast and in the right data folder. Have a look at this page:...
  25. NOVAX Database maintenance tool - open source version

    This is a database maintenance tool for the native DataFlex database that I have developed and used since...
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