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    Re: Plato install

    My install experience, after which it runs fine.

    When I clicked on Plato.exe, windows explorer hung so I restarted windows.
    I ran plato.exe under compatibility mode as a windows 8 program, the...
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    Re: Minor help corrections

    On line help has a suggested mods button on each article.
    a really good feature.
  3. Re: Suggestion 1 for cdbCJGridColumnSuggestion

    Found the cause.

    If pbEditOnKeyNavigation is set true in a grid(Default is false) then it prevents Procedure OnComPreviewKeyDown from being executed which is were the row changing logic is found....
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    Re: Windows Task Scheduler API

    TaskFolder.RegisterTaskDefinition method - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

    Not sure if this helps but read at the bottom regarding return value.
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    Suggestion List display error

    When displaying a single line suggestion result that has been supplemented, such as a code and description, the scrollbars of ghoSuggestionList obscure the value.

    This is caused "Move (iMax + 20)...
  6. Suggestion 3 for cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion

    For situations looking up a code and description i want an exact code match to show in preference to a full text search.

    Accordingly this is a first attempt which shows full text search matches...
  7. Suggestion 2 for cdbCJGridColumnSuggestion

    A majority of cases when I use either a suggestion form or suggestion column, it is for a combined code and description field situation.
    The standard suggestion classes only allow for one column...
  8. Suggestion 1 for cdbCJGridColumnSuggestion

    This matter applies to all df versions with cdbCJGridColumnSuggestion,
    The suggestion is - Enable up and down row navigation for cdbCJGridColumnSuggestion columns.

    Problem demonstrated by:
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    Re: pbServerOnHeaderClick

    Not sure if this helps, but this is contained in my subclass based on cDBCJGrid.
    It should be attributed to the brilliant user group contributor that made it, not me.

    The iCol magically gets...
  10. Re: Results of 19.1 to 2021 rc1 conversion

    A 2021 replacement for stureapspubliclib.

    I use it to gather data for dfreports. It is quite fast at that task.
    it comes at in the forums if you search.

    itís user friendly and as cuddly as a...
  11. Results of 19.1 to 2021 rc1 conversion

    Windows 10 - DF 2021 Windows 32bit option.
    The point of this post is to say how well the 32 bit RC1 conversion went.
    Well done and thanks to DAW, Sture and the SigCJ group.

    1. Uninstall B3,...
  12. Re: Poof! 2020 is gone and New Zealand is in 2021

    I ignore the COVID politics of fear promoted in what is known as NZ 1pm govt briefings which do irreparable harm to mental health in all age groups

    Study Stockholm syndrome to avoid buy in the...
  13. Re: Poof! 2020 is gone and New Zealand is in 2021

    Pretty good actually.

    We have version 2021 to look forward to, and a great bunch of folk on this forum who are positive all the time.
    What better place to hangout.
  14. Poof! 2020 is gone and New Zealand is in 2021

    Sorry the rest of the world has to wait
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    Re: Get the name of the next month

    If you want to use the description in a DR header then calculate in DF and pass to a DR function.

    Set psFunction C_USEMAINDRREPORTID "NextMonthName" to "February"
  16. Re: dbSuggestionForm::ShowSuggestion Bug

    Perfect thanks for that. Hat tip to Raveen.

    Suggestion for a future release.

    Navigation if grid derives from on_key statements contained in the cCJGridColumnEdit class.
    The suggestion column...
  17. Re: dbSuggestionForm::ShowSuggestion Bug

    Not done in 19.1 and 20.0 (so far)
    I suggest that a length test needs to be added otherwise the appendtext grabs a null value that confuses the text display resulting in a blank display line.

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    Re: EDUC 2020 - Virtual & Worldwide

    Pre conference drinks?
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    Re: FYI - Find in files - very slow

    Wow - thats fixed.
    Not sure if its my imagination but seems very fast.
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    Struct Padding - Example 2

    How would struct padding work with:

    Struct tExample
    String s1
    String s2
    Integer iInt1
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    Struct Padding - Example 1

    Trying to educate myself Struct Alignment.
    Are the following struct definitions identical, provided they are not used for external calls or are a replacement for the old TYPE?
    ie. Can be reordered....
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    FYI - Find in files - very slow

    Reproducable for any search. In my case "Addressof".

    8 secs in 19.1 over 2 minutes in next gen.
  23. Re: [DR 6.2] Possible issue with the Repeat group header on each page

    I suggest it may be similar to the issue i experience when the header displayed is actually for the next header.
    To make the report cleaner i ensure that in the group expert, group fields click in...
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    Re: 20 Compile error

    All perfect now for that issue.
    Grateful thanks
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    20 Compile error

    This is probably a dfreports issue but it shows up in 20 after a did a dfreport library import

    cPrintDialog.pkg from Dataflex reports 7.0
    Compile error message is "Conversion from string to...
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