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    Re: Report me a grid.

    We're in the reports Sub Vincent.

    I want to do this in a standard DR subreport. yes I could write a DLL to convert from the string of 484 digits to a picture, but I want to keep it low tech.

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    Report me a grid.

    I have a 22x22 grid with data in it, the data is a number 0-8 I want to present this as a "graphic"


    Any Ideas?
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    Re: Advanced SQL filters questions

    IF you have a global property that you can set and check when the condition that changes the filter string occurs, then you can first check that parameter, and THEN only call the "get new...
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    Re: progress dialog.

    well that worked quite nicely, though I picked a rude Samuel L Jackson Gif from THIS page, which I really Hope will not get past QA...

    Is there any interface to adjust the Sizing of the GIF?
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    Re: progress dialog.

    well psPreviewWaitingGIF is a new one for me. I'll look into that.

    Having a subreport, with more subreports inside, and yet other subreports, all doing complex things hitting the database a lot,...
  6. Re: Hide report output if result of subreport is empty

    write a function to test for the existence of the data, and use that as a switch. the function (sql(strSQL)) is your friend in this.

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    Re: progress dialog.

    yeah it's the popups I'm afraid of, as the busy cursor will block them.
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    progress dialog.

    I had a report that was crashing because of too may updates to the ProcessPanel, so I turned it off entirely, but now there is a 3-4 second delay while the report is assembled. What should I wrap...
  9. Re: Very frequent query for record changes

    the trick is to make the call itself as small and fast as possible.
    also to carefully deal with the activation of the timer, as in ONLY when the view that needs updating is on the screen.
  10. Re: Installer Permissions issue. 19.1 and maybe 20.

    1. So? It should run as administrator anyway. In fact I think the problem is that the INSTALLER which does run as admin, does not always get this right.

  11. Installer Permissions issue. 19.1 and maybe 20.

    I've had several cases lately where after installation at a new customer, the program reports "User Account exceeded for this license", even though register.exe shows > 2 users, and there is only the...
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    Re: Wizard.pkg

    DAW have addressed the publication of their internal code & tools several times in the past. Their responses basically boil down to "it costs too much". For every piece of code they release, they...
  13. Re: Very frequent query for record changes

    in this world, triggers are your friend.

    presumably you need to perform some other action, when this table is updated. Use a trigger to either perform that action, or to add a row to a message...
  14. Re: Change color of words into a TextBox

    Cool. Delivery by Tuesday? <VBG> :rolleyes:
  15. Re: Change color of words into a TextBox

    so how are we coming on supporting proper in-line formatted text? RTF never really worked for us, and now its "deprecated" so how should we write contracts and such that require dynamic in-line text...
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    Re: DF-20 Errors

    if it's at shutdown, then the object destruction order is a bit off whack. The message is normally valid, but the destination object got deleted already.

    Try intercepting "destroy" in the com...
  17. Re: Why might a tab view page refuse to re-open?

    That sounds plausible!.

    Thanks Matt.
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    Re: Offical Support for MSSQL

    Thanks! Filing serial numbers off now.

  19. Why might a tab view page refuse to re-open?

    I've a view, on a tab page that every once in a while refuses to re-open after it's been closed. I close it using the normal "X" on the view, and re-open it from the menu.

    When following back...
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    Offical Support for MSSQL

    Is there a page of weasel words from DAW that explains how MSSQL is supported by the language?

    Customer has plenty of time to ask for documentation.
  21. Re: Grouping the data commonly but to give report based on grouped total of a field

    alternatively, if you are doing a payment rec, and you want a report of payments by invoice #, and at the bottom a subtotal by time for the "pay-Type" that would be a subreport in the footer.
  22. Re: Export RDS data to Json for debugging.

    Archie, it's in the DR8.0 help that is not on-line yet.

    Object oReport is a cDRReport
    Set psReportName to 'MyReport.dr'

    Procedure LoadRDSData String sReportId Integer iSibling...
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    Re: DataFlex accessing .NET

    If you have a handy c# programmer in house it's actually reasonably easy.

    You make a DLL in c#, and then "export" methods that call the underlying .net code. We use it for Active Directory...
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    Re: What MS SQL Client softwear do I need?

    Have you seen these links to using a UDL file to test your DB connection outside of your application framework?

    To verify SQL connectivity using a UDL file:

    Create a text file on the ePO...
  25. Re: Make sure your subreports have unique names.

    well the report will run, it's just that integration will break. No big deal.
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