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    Re: "Invalid Column Name"

    Normally you'd use the debugger. Alt + G, enter the line number 23684 and there you'd find the cause. Edit: Actually, this is not be a great example :-)

    (Could be a SQL filter where this fieldname...
  2. Re: Hybrid cWebGrid - some columns DD Entry_Items some manually loaded ?

    If the csv-data should not be editable you can read those in an array and show the results with OnSetCalculatedValue.
    If they should be editable, I'd read them in a real table and relate it somehow...
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    Re: Cookies (again)

    The idea of option A I mentioned is to have the login separate from the selected dataset. The users has to log in, which is stored in a cookie. He will have choices which dataset to work with, say...
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    Re: Cookies (again)

    The possible options I see:

    a.Aallow one login to chose which data they want to see. You can store the choice in a client-webproperty and use that to determine what data needs to be used. This...
  5. Re: Web property initial date issue

    The code you posted seems to work fine, but you mention Datetime and that will not work well.

    So this works fine

    { WebProperty = Server}
    Property Date pdVanaf (DateSet(1900,01,01))...
  6. Re: Server Action Security Check Error - on cWebSuggestionForm

    Although it has probably nothing to do with the problem, I would consider dynamically changing the SQL-Filter + constrain in a search as very risky. You'd have to make sure these filters get reset...
  7. Re: Urgent! Invalid date or time error

    Ah, ok, right. That's true.
  8. Re: Urgent! Invalid date or time error

    Try registering again.
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    Re: Df_index_name

    Your code works for me, although structure_end already closes the table. No need to close it again and in fact that should throw an error as the value of hTable will have changed.

    Note that you...
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    Re: Trying to catch an error

    Class cPortalDatadictionary is a DataDictionary

    Procedure Construct_object
    Forward Send Construct_Object

    // Delete, create and update settings.
  11. Re: Two child table with same parent

    Your wording does not match the diagram. Assuming the diagram is correct, my guess is that you did not constrain_file both D and J tables to the parent O. Otherwise you might indeed need an alias or...
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    Re: Code Review Question.

    After a manual DD-find I surely assume the global buffers are updated. IOW, red might be more correct, but I have always used green.
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    Re: Design Question

    Technically it should work, but it might create issues with global buffers. You might be better off using alias-tables.
  14. Re: How can I call up a webpage using the standard browser?

    Runprogram Shell background ''
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    Re: Modal panels not closing

    Most people would put it directly in index.html, somewhere at the end of the header. As long as it is included after the DF-engine, it should be fine.
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    Re: Running Powershell

    Not sure if helpful, but this worked for me
    Runprogram Wait "powershell.exe" "get-process"

    Some blue-white thingy popup up and disappeared :-)
  17. Re: MSSQL: ‘CREATE/ALTER PROCEDURE’ must be the first statement in a query batch

    You either connect directly to the database or add the database name to the query. I think ALTER TABLE [<dbName>].[dbo].[Customer] should work. That is not very handy if your SQL is automatically...
  18. Re: Problem Uploading/Downloading files error 401 Unauthorized Access

    You also need to add the HTTP module in IIS. Normally the studio will do this for you, but on the server this might not happen automatically. Unfortunately I did not find a help for that, although it...
  19. Re: Problem Uploading/Downloading files error 401 Unauthorized Access

    WAS needs access, not IIS. So go to services, find the Dataflex Webapplication service and check the 'Logon as'. That account needs read/write access to the upload folder.
  20. Re: Add an image to a cWebColumn Button

    .PDF-logo {
    background-image: url(;
    background-size: cover; /* or maybe a fixed width */
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    Re: Save Confirmation

    Interesting, but it seems you are right. Docs says it should work. Quickly tested in the Weborder and there it did work.
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    Re: SSL in help please

    Did you check the learning center? there must be some stuf on there I think.
  23. Re: Session detection after Start_WebApp

    Your quest is sorta weird, you might be trying to do something you shouldn't be doing. What do you mean with 'opening a webapp'. Normally you'd have a process pool running of say 4 processes that...
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    Re: Save Confirmation

    This property should do the job for web. the properties you mention are for windows applications.
  25. Re: from own javascript to function in Studio

    There is an online course on custom controls as well:

    And a side note: maybe the scheduler library fits your needs....
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