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    Re: Should I be afraid?

    Are you sure the update and backout code that is being forwarded to are equivalent? The idea of bunches more code after would scare me. Is there also a similar backout with "bunches more code?"
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    string unicode format

    Is there a way (fast or not) to determine the unicode format of a string?
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    Re: Finally time to move off v2.3

    I've got a single system I first sold in early 90's running on 3.2.
    Has worked fine in console mode in all versions of Windows including 10.
    Use DOSBox to compile and VDF to do any file mods. I...
  4. Re: Why might a tab view page refuse to re-open?

    In the past, it was always me doing something at the wrong time, just before leaving the control the prior time.
  5. Re: Old man trying to get head around Unicode

    I'll be using whatever the ascii function returns. Was just thinking a uInteger might be a little faster with some comparisons, especially 64 bit.

    You would think a 4 byte hex code would want to...
  6. Re: Old man trying to get head around Unicode

    Was thinking about making a unicode version of StringToUCharArray (StringToUIntegerArray) that will return uInteger[] that would be used for the processing. Seems like a lot and might chug along...
  7. Old man trying to get head around Unicode

    I have a ton of text processing programs that move strings into uChar[] for processing. Am I going to have to ditch all that code and just use string functions to analyse and manipulate the strings?...
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    Re: Info_box placement


    Works great, just what I need. And thank you. thank you Matt Davidian!

    I was looking for the large monitor/multi-monitor solution. I'm doing utilities and there are quite a few...
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    Info_box placement

    Is there an info_box or info_box replacement that will center on the application or the entry area and not center on the screen?

    I don't want to reinvent the wheel if one is available. Life is too...
  10. Re: Is the 'IN ' comparison still valid/best practice?

    Program I'm working on does the value switch.
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    Re: 19.1 Compiler Warnings

    Also takes care of the CM code style stuff. Also can do the "If" continues and begins to aid debugging
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    Re: 19.1 Compiler Warnings

    I've just about finished a program to deal with most code that triggers 19.1 compiler warnings. Doesn't do grids and lists though.
  13. Re: Can You Check for Expected Parameters Before Calling a Proc?

    Can you use "num_arguments" to test if called with no arguments? You can put a NOP of the method in the view object or other parent so you can send not knowing if your "Usually_Use" is present in...
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    Re: 19.1 question

    I do the (test <> False) instead of the (test = True) most of the time. Seems logical to test for the one know value.

    My main question with the if iTest vs. if (iTest) is if one is prefered given...
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    19.1 question

    I've got a "pre to 19.1" conversion program that fixes most of the "grunt" types of code changes to avoid compiler errors. With the new stuff being added to the language, do we want to run everything...
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    Re: "CONTAINS" vs "IN"

    At one time, wasn't it required to use IN for constraints because CONTAINS requires a Constrain AS and IN didn't?
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    Re: Creating a Library Workspace

    Thanks Mike.

    I'm exactly at the point in a library project that I need this for distribution.
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    Re: Multi language support

    I did a set of classes quite a few years ago (before CJ) that allowed multiple language labels. The user could select a language and also some options of how the label would be presented. I didn't...
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    Re: Coincidence?

    So that would make it 120,315,672,897
  20. Re: Finding a Phone Number amongst alot of Phone Numbers

    Are you looking to return to a selected customer screen after the lookup?

    Possible to have multiple customers with the same number?
  21. Re: trying to 'think like a keyboard' ...

    I've had problems in the past with forms disappearing. I was probably just doing something at the wrong time, but now avoid those problems by not doing.
  22. Re: trying to 'think like a keyboard' ...

    Also, don't do anything in the buttons code after the activate of another object other than ending the method.
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    compiler program location

    Should be "compiled program location"

    I have a .sws that uses a in a subdirectory (programs19) other than "normal" Programs. The compiler places the compiled program in the "normal"...
  24. Re: Code you REALLY do not want to run on a production database. Ever.

    Hard to cleanup the data when there is trouble with the Wife table.
  25. Re: Code you REALLY do not want to run on a production database. Ever.

    Remember that bill I sent you that you don't want to pay? Just forget about it.
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