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  1. Re: How does the 19.0 compiler uses duplicated Define constants?


    The first value is used. That is the difference between DEFINE and #REPLACE.

    With #REPLACE the compiler will on the second definition immediately report that the constant already exist...
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    Re: Registered symbol in Studio


    OEM character set 850 ( says it is Alt+169 and that worked for me.
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    Re: detail section fixed


    The available height in CM/Inch (not lines) is the size of the paper minus top and bottom margin, page header(s) and page footer(s) and optional group header(s) and group footer(s).
  4. Re: DR 7.0 - Change quality/error correction of QR code


    There is not an option for this but I recently ran into this - for a Swiss customer - so I will make a suggestion for a change to be done after v8 (one needs to stop somewhere).
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    Re: XZip for packaging at runtime.


    XZip ( can be used from/within a webapp.exe. However AFAIK the project is terminated and there will not be 64 bit version. Not sure whether that...
  6. Re: Something is wrong with constrain as


    SQL filters where not added to replace constraints but to optimize the query when needed with extra WHERE clause conditions.

    I would certainly add them when using CONSTRAIN AS...
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    Re: Invalid TLV Record


    Stackoverflow reports missing components on this error...
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    Re: Line Chart

    Hi Bhanu,

    Find enclosed two reports using an RDS data-source each producing two line charts. This can be easily extended to any number as long as it fits on the page.

    The "multi chart demo"...
  9. Re: Something is wrong with constrain as

    While I agree I would like to say that one should always use constraints as well as:
    1. SQL Filters are by default not used for FIND EQ operations...
  10. Re: DBExplorer illegal and external class


    You get this error when you do not have a manifest file indicating you want to make use of common controls v6.
  11. Re: Activex Componente nich installiert


    Regarding the future it is better not to rely on this ancient Microsoft COM module and swith to an object of the cMonthCalendar or cMonthCalendarPrompt class (available since v18.2).
  12. Thread: Dr8

    by Vincent Oorsprong

    Re: Dr8


    We are working hard towards a first Alpha release of the product. I personally would like to see a release this year but realistic that is not going to be happen as there is only 45 days...
  13. Re: Weird GetRowId bug with ReadByRowId


    Hmm, that is indeed not what I would expect from an initialize operation.

    I've never needed to use / code the establish_find_direction statement myself.
  14. Re: DR crashes application on second print


    I've never done it but it might be doable. I think it is a lot of work to make it working certainly when it comes to printing. The printdlgex code is utf16 based for v8 while it is ANSI...
  15. Re: Weird GetRowId bug with ReadByRowId

    Samuel, Wil,

    Improving documentation is always good but the description and especially the "initializes the constrained find commands to perform searches using the given parameters" tells me why...
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    Re: Descending Index segments AuroraDB


    Regarding U_ (uppercase) columns; are they needed with MySQL?
  17. Re: DR crashes application on second print


    This error means you've updated the format of the reports to v8 and did not include the library for v8 in your application.
  18. Re: How to I send a value different from what's shown in the report (hyperlinks)?


    The hyperlink ID is not the same as what in HTML is commonly use for hyperlinking. With this I mean a anchor element. So with the current implementation you can only click on the part of...
  19. Re: Is it possible to have a popup menu with a right click in a cWebGrid?


    I understood from web developers that the use of floating menus as in Windows GUI is not common, not what users expect, not often used, in a web environment. And for mobile devices it won't...
  20. Re: Printing a BASE64 string via a DR binary parameter field


    As answer for the others as I replied to your HDE ticket;

    Binary (and string) parameters in a report have a maximum size of 16kb which makes it not so useful for this work. You better use...
  21. Re: Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm


    So you want to convert an '' to an 'e' and so on? I don't know how but may I first ask for what reason would you want to do this? The power of Unicode is to be able to store all...
  22. Re: Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm


    In DataFlex 20 this will be easier as it supports unicode but please do not wait and try out whether it works for you or not so that we can respond when it does not do what you need.
  23. Re: DR crashes application on second print


    So there is no difference between regular desktop and remote desktop?

    I would then think in the direction of the printer driver self.
  24. Re: Change width (function / field) dynamically (Dataflex code - cDRReport)


    Yes and the example I gave you shows this but it cannot be done without writing function/parameter code.
  25. Re: DR crashes application on second print


    I have no experience with Citrix but we have a couple of reports of problems in printing - although not every 2nd print but more randomly - on remote desktop environments. It is very...
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