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  1. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    For this reason I normally create a procedure anyway and call that one. You probably just can add [Procedure DoSomething/End_Procedure] around your existing code and call that procedure as the last...
  2. Re: ClientAction render js error oEnv undefined

    For me
    Send NavigatePath of <object> worked but this might depend on your webviewstyle and version.
  3. Re: ClientAction render js error oEnv undefined

    It is kind off weird to decide on the server, that something needs to be clicked on the client.

    But if you define you own js-function, call that with a client-action and use a windows.setTimeout...
  4. Re: Troubleshooting cHttpTransfer for httpS

    Error 12057,

    I do not know enough about SSL to give you advice, but see above for the error.
  5. Re: Procedure Refresh and Webproperties

    You'll need ServerSession WebProperties for that. For more information:
  6. Re: Folder permissions for AppHTML

    The error indicates nothing with the AppHtml folder, right? Maybe it cannot find the or something.
  7. Re: LoadXml gives FALSE as return - Why?

    As Samuel points out: the closing sign '>' for the order is missing and several spaces should be added. This string is siply not a valid XML-string and then loadXML will fail.

    There are a lot of...
  8. Re: Is there way to hide empty rows in cWebList?

    You could use the data attribute to find out which rows to hide like below. Never tried it in a real application though, side-effects might apply :-)

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    Re: OnDefineRowCssClass cWebList

    As you can guess from the lack of response: this is not really possible. CSS is not meant to be dynamic. You could define a few CSS-classes though with several colors and let the user pick one of...
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    Re: MSSQL optimizations

    From my experience, MS-SQL is in most cases as good as Pervasive, if not just better. But for some specific situations we had to rewrite some code, mainly with embedded SQL. Pervasive is just better...
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    Re: schedule tasks

    Export the task to XML and then you can use [schtasks /create] to import. I guess you need to google the correct syntax. I also remember some issues with rights, in the sense that I sometimes somehow...
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    Re: Dataflex 20.0 Error 4402

    Define the index as client - only, then the database does not change.
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    Re: VDF Studio en Bitlocker

    We've been using bitlocker for a bunch of years now basically without any issues.
  14. Re: Validation-table - odd behaviour

    Yeah, even if you set the static_state to false, the validation table is not dynamic, which might be a bug actually. It for sure can be really annoying :-). I see I've used events like onsyncview,...
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    Re: onmouseover event?

    I've used a tiny little button next to the form to popup or float some information. The problem with onmouseover is that, well first it isn't implemented, although you could do that. But it can also...
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    Re: peLoginMode question

    It is all based on cookies and works pretty much the same as with classic ASP. Maybe you can work with piSessiontimeOut. If you set it to say 10, it will mean that after 10 minutes of inactivity the...
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    Re: Timing issue with psTooltip

    It works slightly different, but you can augment ondefinetooltip.
  18. Re: Schema error creating a new table

    In SQL there is a default schema for each user / each database. Apparently it is also used for creating a new table? That would make sense. And my guess is that the default schema name for SA is...
  19. Re: How can I get a remote script onto my page after login?

    You should be able to dynamically load a script like below.

    function loadScript() {
    var script = document.createElement('script');
  20. Re: Webapp Page is blank if using domain name but works if use ip address

    That looks good, but I see it doesn't work. Since the application works, it is likely to be something with IIS. If you haven't already you could check the Windows Event Log and maybe the webapp log...
  21. Re: Webapp Page is blank if using domain name but works if use ip address

    Did you register the .WSO for ""? (And the HTTP module). If not, then you need to, :-).
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    Re: Advanced SQL filters questions

    SQL filter applies when a find is send to the direct DD. So if you have a orderheader --> customer situations then the SQL filter of the customer does not apply when you send a find to orderheader...
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    Re: 2 Questions

    Not quite on topic, but in case someone find this useful:

    Move "SELECT Size, FILEPROPERTY(name, 'SpaceUsed') AS SpaceUsed FROM Shop.sys.database_files Where Name not like '%log'" to sQuery

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    Re: DF20 FD files

    If feel it is a matter of time before Sture will add a table to Plato called [Tændbjørnmåne] or one of our neighbours comes up with a field [rückwärtsmöbelträgerfüßetypp].

    (and then start a...
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    Re: Temporal tables in MS SQL

    In that case you should be able to see those once existing records with dbExplorer.
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