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    Re: Web property system not ready

    Are you doing something in an onload or something in a different view that might affect this particular component. The error has to do with trying to manipulate a webproperty of a control that is not...
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    Re: Can't save a line in my order entry view.

    If records in your ICPROD are in any way related to ICEMEN01 or ICEMDT01 (or viceversa) then DF expects those buffers to be filled with the correct values and the appropriate DD's to be there (if...
  3. Re: Things you probably didn't expect department.

    I never even thought about this, mental note made - cheers :p
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    Re: cWebCard psCaption

    Working as intended then! :p
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    Re: cWebCard psCaption

    Could you attach an example view by any chance?
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    Re: cWebCard psCaption

    When / where are you seeing this? Is this with 0 custom styling?
  7. Thread: CSS Questions.

    by Henri

    Re: CSS Questions.

    You want to set the proper list style:
  8. Re: Is it possible to have a fixed width cWebForm?

    The problem is that these kind of width "overrides" contradict the WebApp's positioning logic. We use a so called "Flow layout" which positions elements one after the next based on the column count,...
  9. Re: DF 20 - B3 - Float Label reacts when control is disabled

    Thanks for letting us know! I've got a hunch as to where this is coming from, will look into it.
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    Re: Modify the favicon and text below

    The fastest way is to place a new favicon.ico in your AppHtml folder. You can have multiple ones with various sizes to use on different devices, but then you'd also have to expand your index.html...
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    Re: OnNavigateForwardPreFindInit

    I think the idea with the redaction library is that yes you can still toggle things like pbRender, pbVisible and pbEnabled, but the server won't accept any calls from these elements. DDO bound...
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    Re: pbEnterKeyAsTabKey

    Add this script tag to your index.html. Works on basic forms without any prompts etc.

    Use at your own risk, i haven't tested it properly and i can't guarantee it won't break something else. Just...
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    Re: Set row in cWebList after population

    If you know the RowID of that particular row, you can use MoveToRowByID (or MoveToRow if you know the index). Alternatively you could try WebSetting the psCurrentRowID. There might be some issues...
  14. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    No worries, perhaps i was a bit too volatile in my wording - that wasn't my intention.

    My main point is that the flaws outlined are either just as applicable to other techniques (like sessions) as...
  15. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    All of the arguments outlined in those articles are either based off carelessness or sloppy implementation. I've done many, many JWT implementations and none of them are vulnerable to the so-called...
  16. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    Sounds like you need a JWT style solution.

    The general idea is that you have an authentication server that handles your logins and dishes out access tokens. These tokens store a bit of information...
  17. Re: Renaming and moving WebAppUser and WebAppSession

    We use custom User and Session tables all the time without issues. Changing your WebSessionManager is the bulk of the work, from there it should work just fine. I'm assuming a fairly clean workspace...
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    Re: What have I done?

    No shame in clg debugging! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. :p
  19. Re: Unexplainable Delays in starting web app in studio

    I've had this happen on a previous laptop as well. The fix for me at the time was changing the the executing user for the Web Application Server Service.

    This is done by going into Services and...
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    Re: change the colors of a cell

    Ah, i missed that nuance. You're completely right!
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    Re: change the colors of a cell

    Use OnDefineCssClass for the column. This is sent for each row and conditionally allows you to set a class for the column in that row. Style using CSS.
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    Re: highlight the current line

    This is done via CSS, though in themes like DF_Material the current row IS highlighted - see the lists in WebOrderMobile 19.1 for example. Which theme are you using?

    If you want to change it...
  23. Re: Disabled webForms not showing clearly on iPad, iPhone & Macbook

    But the selector to use IS different, it's just that a lot of controls also share certain classes for convenience - which we make adequate use of in our css.

    To style a WebForm input :

  24. Re: Disabled webForms not showing clearly on iPad, iPhone & Macbook

    The selector i outlined above also touches the combo (".WebControl.Web_Disabled select" clause) giving it the darker, readable color.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you might have...
  25. Re: Disabled webForms not showing clearly on iPad, iPhone & Macbook

    Note also that i have a different color in my theme.css (#8E8A87). I just double checked our codebase and that is the correct hex color code. Curious why you seem to have a different color code...
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