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  1. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Yes, that's what I did. My program now has a "main-procedure".

    Feature request (not strictly related): A warning on variable declarations outside of functions/procedure which are not explicitly...
  2. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Thank you! That explains everything :)
  3. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Alright, that was a quick one... writing "most of the variables are global" got me thinking ;)
    The variables are not actually global (as in "global_variable") but just outside of a function- or...
  4. Command line argument - max length?

    Hi everyone

    I have a small tool, written in DataFlex, which should take one or two parameters from the command line and depending on their values do some stuff.
    If my parameter is longer than 82...
  5. Re: Migrating a WSO to a new server -DNS, TTL

    Another approach (if latency and bandwidth don't cause issues, but being offline for 5 minutes is not acceptable):
    - Set the new server up
    - Change the DNS so everything points to the new server
  6. Re: Different color setting for whitespace

    That's a pity.

    PS: Ceterum censeo CodeMax esse delendam
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    Re: Chicken and egg Structs

    DAW uses recursive structs too. Maybe they can shed some light onto this ;)

    // this is no longer used by cClientService but this class but it is maintained as is in case a developer is using...
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    Re: Chicken and egg Structs

    The first one is not allowed either. ( You may not declare a member whose type is the same as the struct type being declared (i.e. recursive struct declarations are not allowed) Source:...
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    Re: WebApp.exe showing as a virus

    I just scanned an example webapp and it returns a few (false) positive results.
    There is not much you can do about that. Signing might help.

    I would consider the reaction of the IT stuff good...
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    Typo in the documentation


    I think there is a typo in the documentation:

    The Sample contains a ">" which...
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    Re: Web APIs in DataFlex

    The eyedropper would be a nice extension for the DataFlex Styler (...
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    Re: Web APIs in DataFlex

    Great project!
    I don't need them right now, but there are two APIs which might be helpful:
    Screen Wake Lock: Allows to prevent screen locking / improve brightness, which is useful to improves...
  13. Different color setting for whitespace

    I love the dark theme for the studio. The one thing I'm currently missing is a seperate setting for the font color of white space. I know this sounds weird ;) but hear me out:
    I like to display the...
  14. Re: Small cVersionInfo addition suggestion

    I modified our version control so that each time you pull a version from the repository it writes current date, time and username into a text file and then included that. But it stopped working at...
  15. Feature Request: ToDos at the end of lines with code

    I tend to add a comment behind a line of code with something like:
    Send ClientLog to ghoWebApp "..." //TODO: Remove this line after debugging

    It would be nice if the Studio would recognize those...
  16. Re: Session from one user appearing to different user in two different places.

    How many records do you have in the WebAppSession-table?
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    Re: MSSQL issues

    We hit the 10g limit with a non-DataFlex application and it does not throttle, it completely stops, at least wringing new records is not possible anymore.
    Also: The files can be 10G large without...
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    Linux VMs on Azure - Update now

    Just in case anyone missed it: There is a "small bug" in the management interface for Azure VMs.
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    Validation-table - odd behaviour

    I'm doing something wrong here...

    I have some Validation-Tables like this:

    Object oMStatus is a FileValidationTable
    Set Main_File to Validations.File_Number
    Set Code_Field...
  20. Re: POSTMAN: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND localdisk

    It looks like it cannot resolve the hostname (localdisk).
    Make sure that this is the actual hostname you want or that the host file contains the proper entry, etc.
    It might be a typo: The default...
  21. Re: How can I get a remote script onto my page after login?

    Creating an element and set its atributes (like Evertjan did) works for me.

    Directly setting innerHtml, etc. sometimes worked, sometimes did not (depending on the browser and the moon phase, etc)...
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    Re: peEmogi suggestion

    If you don't want unicode in the database, change the field, so it does not store unicode (eg. use char/varchar instead of nchar/nvarchar on MSSQL).
    The user might still enter emojis/unicode, but...
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    Re: Its Still Illogical

    It matches the keyboard shortcuts: F2 and shift+F2
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    Sticky: Re: End-of-Life for DF4WP

    You can include simple views quite easily in other webapps (Have a look at the Order.html and iOrders.html in the Web AppHTML of the WebOrder-example workspace).
    There are a few caveats like CORS,...
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    Re: DF20 library?

    The monthly follow up ;) Any news?
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