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  1. Re: Constrain DataDictionary using a field number

    It looks like you have an alternative solution, but just to say, vConstrain will be fine in Data Dictionaries. You can even see an example of it being used within OnConstrain of the...
  2. Re: Constrain DataDictionary using a field number

    I suspect you need vConstrain here.
  3. Re: Call a named function from a database field value

    You need to use "Get_" in front of the function name. For example:

    Move "Get_MyFunc" to sFunc
    move (Eval(sFunc)) to iFunc
    Get iFunc ... to ....
  4. Re: WebOrder sample issue in "Searching with Floating Panel"

    Yes and no. But mainly yes. I based something in my application on this sample, but it my case it is a manually filled list, so my workaround was to change:

    Procedure Show
  5. Re: WebOrder sample issue in "Searching with Floating Panel"

    OK, so there seems to be a workaround

    The code in the DemoSearchWithFP.wo view is currently:

    Procedure Search String sSearch
    WebSet psFilterValue of oDemoSearchWithFP to...
  6. Re: WebOrder sample issue in "Searching with Floating Panel"

    There are still issues here with this in 20.1 it would seem.

    Open the "Search with Floating Panel" demo view and simply type "Be" in the search box and let the suggestion list appear. Records are...
  7. Re: The DataFlex Styler has been updated to support DataFlex 20.1 Themes

    I just created and downloaded a Theme based on the 20.1 Flat Desktop, but it's not right. I was looking at one of my WebTag controls and I noticed there was no colour, which was strange. So I did a...
  8. Re: Server Action Security Check Error - on cWebSuggestionForm

    It doesn't help you (or me!) but I'm 90+% certain that I've encountered this error too. Only once, but also with a cWebSuggestionForm. I will keep my eye on it.
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    Re: DD_Global_Validation_Prompt_Object

    It isn't really a case of someone choosing to use the code. If you've a validation table and happen to want to use a dbForm with prompt button rather than a dbComboform, it's automatic. We actually...
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    Ok, so this isn't new to DataFlex 2022, but I'm hoping it's not too late to make a change.


    Object Validation_List is a ValidationList
    Move Self to...
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    Re: WebAppDesigner not working

    Just to jump in and say, that I've also seen this. I battled with it for about an hour on one day, but haven't seen it recently. Wouldn't be able to reproduce it (sorry) so I know this doesn't help.
  12. Re: Creating cWebAccordionContainer within a cWebDynamicObjectContainer

    Pretty sure that the answer is that no, you cannot do this. But in my case I can call ResetContainer and simply rebuild the control, so no major worries.
  13. Creating cWebAccordionContainer within a cWebDynamicObjectContainer

    Quick question. Having created a cWebAccordionContainer (with N cWebAccordionCards) dynamically, within a cWebDynamicObjectContainer, should it be possible to then add an additional card (the N+1th,...
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    Unhandled Studio Error (DD Designer)

    C:\Program Files\DataFlex 20.1\Bin64\Studio.exe
    Invalid message. MSG_ADD_FOCUS

    Error: 98

    Please report this error to Data Access Corporation

    The help for DF_DATABASE_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE looks like it's got something that needs removing. It shows two versions of the same 'GetIdentifierQuote' function, one of which makes reference to...
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    Re: Global Function not playing nice

    Weird. Best guess, change

    to be

    and the error will go away.
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    Re: Context Menus

    Take a look at
  18. Re: How do I allow the user to filter a grid on arbitaty columns?

    You're going to struggle here, because of the way that the cCjGrid is implemented. The grid must always be in step with its data source. In the case of the Sig Report Control the data source and the...
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    Re: cWebMenuButton and Material Theme

    The file is DemoCustomMenu.wo. In the running application it's "Custom Menus" off the Demo menu. I should have also have said, that I've looked at this in Chrome (in case that's relevant).
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    cWebMenuButton and Material Theme

    Not sure this looks as it should.

    Run the WebOrder demo application and open the oDemoCustomMenus view. Click the "Menu" (hamburger) button. Looks fine with all themes, except for the Material...
  21. Re: Unknown data type: 'DEFAULT' (MariaDB)

    This does indeed seem to be fixed as of Beta 1. Thank you.
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    Just a minor thing - this file keeps showing in the problem resolution panel because it's missing a use statement for the external superclasss 'Mixin'.
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    Re: cWebTagsForm - OnAddTag

    Grrrr. I knew I was having a brain-fade. I thought I'd tried setting that but I think I must have set pbServerOnChange (not pbServerOnTagChange) by mistake. Not concentrating. My bad. Thanks.
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    cWebTagsForm - OnAddTag

    Silly question, but what do I have to set/do to get OnAddTag to fire for a cWebTagsForm ?

    Just tweaking the Web Order sample application, DemoWebTags.wo as follows:

  25. cWebTagsForm in cWebModalDialog causes Webapp to hang

    Thought it was something daft I was doing in my own application, but can reproduce this in the WebOrder example, in both 20.0 and 20.1

    Create a simple Web Modal Dialog, as:

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