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  1. Re: Changes I made to enhance my WebApp security

    I'd imagine that this just prevents the password from begin auto-filled, not from it being saved... If the user goes to "show passwords" in the browser settings, the password is probably there...
  2. Re: And another reason to switch to DF20

    Feel free. I invented it just for this story. :-)

    I don't even remember what the original test account password was, just that it had a blasted Ä glyph in it.

  3. And another reason to switch to DF20

    I was going to post this in Unicode-amp-64-Bit-Applications but then I decided I'd post here.

    Today I had a bug ticket cross my desk that "Active Directory Sign in" was failing, on a new install...
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    Re: I wish there was....

    Yep. You've been misled all these years. It's handled exactly the way you step through it in the debugger.
    You go all the way through ProcA to the "return", then you come back to head out to...
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    Re: .sws files: add [cfgfile] section

    You could step up your Build Script Game.

    In house we developed a "proper" build script that checks out all the source code from GIT, and then edits the config file for each .SRC, so they all...
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    Re: DFTimer versus cTimer

    I don't know. At least not for definite. Hence in my cTimer objects I have this

    Procedure OnTimer
    Set pbEnabled to False
    // Actually do the things.
    Set pbEnabled...
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    Re: DFTimer versus cTimer


    I think Julie knows that DFTimer is obsolete, hence the question. I'd imagine she's so far down this rabbit hole right now that she made the easy mistake of typing the wrong class name...
  8. Re: Use RDS reports Michael, they're Great Michael. Not!

    It is also buried deep in the help, where searching the index is of little use.

    - fixed that for you.
  9. Re: Use RDS reports Michael, they're Great Michael. Not!

    I was a little impaired during your presentation. I'll need to look that up again.

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    debugging Data movement.

    I'm debugging a DD save, that I'm intercepting to do unusual things to, and I'm really noticing the lack of studio triggers on File Buffer changes.

    I'd REALLY like to be able to put a watch on a...
  11. Re: Use RDS reports Michael, they're Great Michael. Not!

    Took reading all the reports to find it, but

    Function ReadImageToVariant String sFileName Variant ByRef vDataColumn Returns Boolean
  12. Use RDS reports Michael, they're Great Michael. Not!

    I've spent far, far too long trying to figure out how exactly you send an image to an RDS report. I'm tempted to say that it just can't be done.

    DR 8.0, webapp, DF20.0

    Question 1.

    How do...
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    Re: Draw text on image

    About five or six years ago I did this using imagemagick. It didnít occur to me at the time that GDI would be a good idea.

    Iíll look for the code, but it might just be at that customers.
  14. Re: Department of "should be easy but isn't"

    Wrong way bob,

    I HAVE a base 64 encoded string, I need to export it to disk as a binary file.

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    Re: Can't register DFR v8 Standard

    confirm the permissions on the appdata\dataacess worldwide folder. everyoen needs to have read-write on that folder.

    also you can just run the register.exe from the bin folder.

  16. Department of "should be easy but isn't"

    Why is it not trivial to convert a base64 encoded PNG file in a string to a binary .png file on disk?

    Take string.
    Strip off the 22 bites in front with the MIME encoding
    Base64Decode the...
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    Re: DF20 - GetTempPath - Vwin32fh

    Oh, I was just using this code to test with, and I'd written it last night, but forgot to hit 'post" before I ran out of the office. I'm using the checked in code now.

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    Re: DF20 - GetTempPath - Vwin32fh

    This seems to fix it.

    External_Function vWin32_GetTempPath "GetTempPathW" Kernel32.Dll ;
    DWord nBufferLength ;
    Pointer psBuffer ;
    Returns Integer
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    DF20 - GetTempPath - Vwin32fh

    in the interests of clarity, I chopped this out of vWin32fhW you can drop it into the CustomerView in Order entry.

    Define VMAX_PATH for 260

  20. Re: Help with table initialization or temporary table.

    you need another column, and an index.

    add a column for sessionID, and add that as the first key in your indexes.
    add an appropriate constraint

    Or better yet, don't do it in a table, put it...
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    Re: Ban the BOM

    Don't you want to scan the ENTIRE file for non-ascii characters, so that you can flag, or leave untouched all the fun Unicode chars that are actually there?

  22. Re: I'll buy you a bottle of Bushmills..


    Thank You Frank.

  23. Re: Report Developer API and OCX control

    No it can not. There is a huge dependency on code which only exists in the Dataflex Classes, and which is in turn is dependent on the runtime. All of the screen and printer handling methods in the...
  24. Re: I'll buy you a bottle of Bushmills..

    And for Future Self, here are the working pair of minimalist demo workspaces.

    Don't forget that the ComObject is currently set for 32bit, so don't accidentally make a 64 bit EXE.

  25. Re: I'll buy you a bottle of Bushmills..

    email me your address, so i can pay up!

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