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    Re: SelectClientCertificate not working


    The instructions to use the WinHTTPCertCfg to install the certificate to "LOCAL_MACHINE\MY" did not work.
    Double-clicking the certificate to install it and choosing the option to let...
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    SelectClientCertificate not working

    I have a PayPal process which I am trying to convert from ASP pages to VDF. Our PayPal requires the use of a Certificate. The ASP page works fine using:
  3. Re: Images are locked while loaded in preview.

    Thank you Adri. Nice work!
  4. Re: Images are locked while loaded in preview.

    ...crickets chirping...
  5. Images are locked while loaded in preview.

    I am running into an issue where I have images showing in a VDF application. I created a process where the user can move and rename the images... but I am discovering that the images are locked by...
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    Poll: Re: AutoComplete Library Released


    Thank you for your kind words, your fix, and suggestion.

    I had not thought about right-align for the numeric header. Looks like a good idea.

  7. Re: New research on consuming .Net controls in Visual DataFlex


    Perhaps I missed it... but by your statement that you would publish an update on the research into .NET for VDF, I kind of expected to see it added to the end of this thread. Can you point...
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    Re: No default printer error ?

    Is the printer they are using... also the windows default printer? If so, then open the report and check the box "no printer" and see if the error goes away.
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    Re: cCJGRID and update from THEDATA


    I am using a cCJGrid to display a list of orders that need to be reviewed. I have a background process which calls a stored procedure which does some fraud checking to flag orders which need...
  10. Re: Are Your Customers still on the embedded DataFlex database? Go SQL!

    Redeemed Software has a tool to convert your CRXI reports from Native DF to MSSQL. It will change the data source on all your tables and correct the date fields to be date and not datetime.
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    Re: flase to False

    I already have enough trouble with the auto casing that happens when working on an old file. You open and work on code that was written long ago... make one small change and when you do a file...
  12. Re: New research on consuming .Net controls in Visual DataFlex

    Thanks Chip. This is good news. I have had to bypass looking at a lot of different controls because they don't do COM... and some that I used to use dropped support for COM.

    I know you already...
  13. Re: SOLVED! cCJDBGrid DataSource how to refresh grid

    I think I have found the answer after hacking away it this for 6 hours... :p

    [code]Object oTimer is a DFTimer

    Set Auto_Activate_State to True

    Set Timeout to 100 // fire often
  14. Re: cCJDBGrid DataSource how to refresh grid

    Well, yes... I don't want to lose user input... I also don't want the current row to be lost. I don't want the grid to be scrolled. I don't want the focus of the grid to be lost. The user won't be...
  15. cCJDBGrid DataSource how to refresh grid

    I am working with a cDBCJGrid. I have a list of data that the user is working on. I have another process which runs in another thread which updates the data this user will be using. I have...
  16. Re: Migrating from VDF7 ro VDF 16.1-CRW_PDFTYPE error

    Yes and no. Absolutely maybe.

    Yes, you _can_ use CR8.5 reports with VDF16.1. As of VDF15.1, The Crystal Reports Connectivity was changed from the DLL to the OCX. But, the DLL code still works...
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    Re: Reporting a WebApp Log File

    No, webapp.log is proprietary lingo... so it can't read it.

    The lizard is going to be good for looking at your IIS logs.
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    Re: Reporting a WebApp Log File

    Log Parser Lizard
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    Re: Deploying Basic Webapp Website

    Often what you'll find the problem to be is that you may be missing the *.wso settings. The second most popular problem is that you can't connect to your database. Mike Cooper has some good advice...
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    Anyone out there using Litle&Co?

    Anyone out there using Litle&Co for processing credit cards?

  21. Re: It's my week for CR - Erratic slowdown


    Check if the report has "saved data". I think the printer is a red-herring. If you truly feel it is related, then pause the printer and try again and also try printing to the XPS Image...
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    Re: "Memory could not be read"


    Simply put... we do a little slight of hand.
    Install CRXI on each workstation as you normally would... but then copy the DLL's to either the VDF\Bin folder also on the network (when doing a...
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    Re: "Memory could not be read"

    You probably have some DLL's in the VDF11bin folder that you don't have in the VDF16 bin (or the programs folder if you have a totally new programs folder).

    By any chance... are you renaming the...
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    Re: WYSIWYG Editor for Ajax 2.1

    So what you need is to build a ComExplorer embedded into your Webapp and on save, display the text in the browser COM, select ALL and paste into an MS Word COM and then saveAs RFT... get the text and...
  25. Re: Windows 7, Crystal Reports takes over 10 minutes to open the .rpt file.

    What version of CR was each report created with? I have had a few problems with reports that were created in a very old version of Crystal (including ones that used to be WinQL). It might be...
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