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    Re: Tenant details

    You can add information yourself like Samuel suggests, or maybe use Webset psAppicationTitle of oWebapp to 'This will be shown on the browser tab'
  2. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    Yeah, you can do that. I've running webapps that way at a customer. If you set the cookie to the domain, they can login once and be logged in for both applications. If they do not share the domain...
  3. Re: Custom Menu Item Font and Size

    Yes to apllication.css

    The CSS could be something like
    font-family: fantasy;
  4. Re: Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm

    In your query, you can define the collate. (select * from customer where [name] like 'alvarez%' collate Modern_SPanish_CI_AI). You can also change the collate of one fields if you wish, but that has...
  5. Re: Is XML Document built in memory before saving to disk?

    XML becomes exponentially slow. So if the XML will become twice the size, it will be 4 times as slow - or whatever the exact numbers are. So if you have a lot of records, you might want to look into...
  6. Re: OnClick not being fired for object in webapp.src

    You need a quote after the Webcon_Sizer, as that is the class. Than after openview you have two quotes, should be only one.
  7. Re: UK DataFlex Group Zoom Meetup - Thursday October 22nd 2020

    (This is the most British thread ever. You all should have a cup of tea with milk together!)
  8. Re: Cleanup big WebAppServerProps file

    Yeah, or you create a separate project to clean it up and be done with it. Both are 10 mins of work and both have their advantages and disadvantages. (although some will not be using SQL)
  9. Re: Exporting 1 Million Records very slow

    Just did a quick test on my machine: ~20 seconds to export 1M records.

    It is probably something with the view, have seen that before. You could maybe use a sql query to get the data and export...
  10. Re: REST - at what method in teh DD can I snap the input from a POST to modify it

    oh, really? That's fine of course. I was tihnking DD, which isn't even called create :-P.
  11. Re: REST - at what method in teh DD can I snap the input from a POST to modify it

    You cannot - or should not - call DD function within create. The idea itself is correct. Just use an alias though and the clear/find commands.
  12. Re: DF 19.1 - No errors are reported on App event log when timeout happens ?

    Well, ok.

    Normal flow: User clicks button, this gets send to IIS/WAS and they tell webapp.exe that the button was clicked. Webapp.exe does it's job and reports back.
    But now webapp.exe does not...
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    Re: Upgrading Legacy WebApp

    It depends on what you mean with converting. If you just want to have the old application going I would create a new workspace and a new basic web application. Then copy over what you need in the new...
  14. Re: How to use command in application.css (CSS)

    Most likely just cache.
  15. Re: Restriction to order with special articles

    Use a SQL filter on the orderheader like:

    where orderheaderid in (select distinct orderheaderid from orderdetail where item = 8)
  16. Re: portnumber in SQL connection string

    just add it to the server, like server=myserver\sqlname:1234
  17. Re: Security: Encrypt Compiled Strings

    You could hide it a bit by moving it to a function

    function mySecretThingy Returns String
    function_return (character(125) + character(412))

    Then at least the code isn't...
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    Re: Should_Save always True

    Put above in the watches of the debugger and step (F10/F11) through the application.
    Replace the 12345 with the actual object number.

    Must of the time it indeed is an...
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    Re: Design Ideas needed.


    Kinda done it like this with the suggestionform. It is for plants, and there is only one 'kalanchoe laciniata' in de database, so I show that article and you can directly select it. But the...
  20. Re: Can you change the database on the fly?

    wow, indeed it turns out that is not possible for functions.

    Then I'd guess you have to do it the hard way, which really isn't that hard :-)
  21. Re: Can you change the database on the fly?

    You can use: alter function databasename.dbo.functionname.
    If the user rights are correct it should work.
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    Yeah, now you mention it: we had the CCH files in a different folder, so with a copy-paste they would not be copied.
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    It has been years since I worked with pervasive, but back then just a copy-paste would do. I do remember one situation where somehow a full path was used in the filelist, which needed to be fixed,...
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    Re: cWebMenuButton Question

    If you set the piMenuHeight to a value where it does not fit anymore, the menu should scroll, but to me it seems that having less items in the menu is the way to go.
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    Re: (web) OnSetDisplayMetrics (?)

    You could give the form a CSS class based on the value and then use 'margin-left' to give it the indentation you want. So you need to look into OnDefineCSSClass
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