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  1. Re: DR 7 managed connection 2 database and SQL()

    Peter's usggestion should work, if the databases are on the same instance. Or you could specify the database in the query

    [select * from db1.dbo.customer inner join on ...]
  2. Re: 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed

    If you can open the wso in the browser, but you get this error, it might be a firewall blocking JSON content. Have seen this before, although only just once.
  3. Re: OT: CSS experts? Help needed to center an image

    One solution is to set is as a background-image. Roughly like this:

    <div class="Article">
    <div class="ArticleItem" data-ServerOnClick="%1" data-OnClickParam="%2"><p...
  4. Re: MS-SQL Collation, Latin1_General_CI_AS, DF_Collate.cfg & String Comparison

    You can go to SQL-manager and change the SQL-collate from just this one field. No scripting needed. I have a situation like this in one of my projects. It certainly has his drawbacks but it has been...
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    Re: Featoure Request

    Just copy-paste the workspace and rename the copy to open it twice?

    Or create a new empty workspace and add the appsrc-paths if you want to edit in both, although that one is not recommended.
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    Re: WebApp Update Problem

    Could be WSO-mapping.
  7. Re: Button caption in businessprocess

    Most of the time it means you it is in your precompile.
  8. Re: date and time from the internet

    'asking the internet' is not 100% save either, but it is easy enough to do. A quick search gave this link
  9. Re: Problem running WebApp.exe from the Studio

    You'll also get this error when you do not have a global.asa.
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    Re: Blocking F2 saves

    I've never tried to block users from using a hotkey (some people prefer to use keys), but it definitely matters where you put the code. If you would to put the [On_Key kSave_Record Send DisplayIt] in...
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    Re: Main DD and data in dbForms

    Maybe try the event Opening_View

    The event Activating explicitly mentions not to change the focus, which you are doing when you open a selection list.
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    Re: New Properties!!!

    As Nick mentioned: check out webproperties.
    The solution Rachael proposes should also...
  13. Re: Printing and Downloading files

    If it is a file with a known extension (like PDF, doc, csv, rtf) just link it in a cWebiframe. That has worked so far for me. People can click on it and chose to print or save.
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    Re: Data Dictionary Confusion

    Original code looks fine to me.
    Note that a constrain_file will stop the clearing to the parent.
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    Re: Rounding functions?

    Several implementations are possible. This is one of them although I didn't count for negative numbers.

    Function Ceil Global Number n Returns Integer
    If (Integer(n) = n) Function_Return n...
  16. Re: Do I need a service, or would something simpler suffice - Part 2

    I would just add a check for the BOS-program and restart the app. That would be roughly like this.

    New 'LoopIt'

    Procedure Loopit
    Boolean bShouldBeRunning bCheck
    Integer iCount
  17. Re: Do I need a service, or would something simpler suffice

    This is the most basic way I know of to do it. Start it with task scheduler. for the example I did put it all in one file, normally I would have the dialog in a separated file.

    This way you have...
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    Re: WebApp designer not working

    The dialog is fine. Maybe check the Problem Resolution Panel.
  19. Re: FilpSwitch CheckBox in Material Theme - Does not looks good

    You can fiddle a bit to make it how you like it. See example code. Checkboxes have been 'interesting' for me. They seem to look different in every browsers, maybe depending on where exactly you use...
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    Re: Shared WEB Development!

    If you have only one person compiling the webapp.exe, you could work with a setup like you describe. You'll have to use the server IIS though, not local.

    And as others point out. The way to go is...
  21. Re: Webmobile app, show cart and badge with items

    The quickest, most lazy way to do it is with CSS.

    Add this to your application.css

    .WebButton.badge{position: relative;}
    .WebButton.badge:after {
    font-size: 15px;
  22. Re: Field Values not Getting constraints

    You need to do a 'send rebuild_contraint of oMy_DD' after you set the (web) properties. Maybe before the run_report.
  23. Re: What is the equivalent of the End_Of_Data command on a cWebEdit object?

    This is indeed something I would do with a windows-program, not with web. You could use web the show some information or start some actions,b ut for the basic communication with COM, a windows...
  24. Re: Sending email from within a DF Winapp and a DF Webapp

    I indeed would use a maximum try counter and a [sleep 1] between each try.
  25. Re: What is the equivalent of the End_Of_Data command on a cWebEdit object?

    Yeah, in my mind you were asking about grids/lists. I wasn't really aware of things like 'end_of_data' in an edit object and would probably make different choices.

    Anyway, just google some...
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