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    Re: How to change customer's databaese

    We do all of our table changes via T-SQL at the database level and then just deploy the new INT file. Google T-SQL ALTER TABLE
  2. cWebViewBrowser open tab page in current window

    Anyone know if it's possible to open a new tab page from a link within the same browser control?

  3. Re: HOWTO: Stop 'Deadlock' or 'Error 4106' occurring in DataFlex

    Nice !

    Also consider a serious bottleneck is system tables. (i.e. one row) with counters. We solved this issue a few years ago by moving all system record allocated counters to sequences in SQL.
  4. Re: (CurrentDateTime()) value retrieved from MSSQL.

    Table editor in DF 19.1 does not accept comma's.
  5. Re: (CurrentDateTime()) value retrieved from MSSQL.

    EDIT: And in DBBuilder it's even worse. When I open the table it's showing 16.7 and when I attempt to change it to 23.3 it switches to 20.3

    EDIt2: What a dumba$$ disregard if you read the...
  6. Re: How do you keep DD files in two folders?

    What Dave said
  7. Re: How do you keep DD files in two folders?

    I'm doing this through the workspace settings. I put my "special" dd source folder first and then the "base" dd source second separated by a semi-colon.
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    Re: Changing Data in DF v2.3b Datafile

    Perhaps you are thinking of DFBROWSE.FLX ?
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    Re: Clearing a cImageContainer image

    I meant like MM said create the object dynamically and then destroy it in the clear. Maybe create in postfind and destroy it in the Clear of the DD.

    EDIT: I did that for an image scanning app...
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    Re: Clearing a cImageContainer image

    Can you dynamically create the images and then destroy them with the clear?
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    Re: Credit Card Payment

    I just changed to use a new CC processor. We've always used one that provides a hosted page that the customer enters the information on because we don't want that sensitive data even entered on our...
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    A good read !

    Agile and the Long Crisis of Software (
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    Re: SQL options

    You can run the DAW SQL drivers for DB2 or MS SQL Server. I believe the Mertech drivers still work in CM and the options include MySQL, PostGres and Oracle.
  14. RANT: Table Editor error prevented me saving my table.

    I just spent 20 minutes typing in about 40 columns in a new table, defining the indexes etc. And accidently I added a column with the same name. When I went to save the table it told me about the...
  15. Exchange Y2K problem and the 2038 problem

    I guess ya'll heard about the MS Exchange bug right?

    But there is another Y2K...
  16. Re: Code signing issues and SignDataFlexProjectExe

    Hi Mike,

    Yes I can sign manually from the command line. We finally figured out how to get the build system to sign, by using the signtool.exe /f option to point to the certificate so our builds...
  17. Code signing issues and SignDataFlexProjectExe

    Why does SignDataFlexProjectExe still do a sha1 when I removed it from the .ini? If I manually sign from the command line using signtool.exe with the same parameters I only get the desired sha256.
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    Re: Studio Find Dialog

    How hard would it be to add a checkbox option for the finding to exclude the search term in comments?
  19. Native CSS nesting: What you need to know

    Makes so much more sense to me.

    Native CSS nesting: What you need to know - LogRocket Blog
  20. Re: Can't Login to MSSQL with username and password

    To clarify.

    1) Check if SQL Server allows for both SQL and Windows Authentication.
    2) Add the user to the Server Security
    3) Map the user to the Database you want.

    Alternately if select...
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    Delete large amount of data in SQL

    Good article. I had the transaction log issue at one of my stops. A sort of DBA was cleaning up a database for deployment to a new customer installation and completely filled the hard drive with the...
  22. Re: Crystal reports XI on Pervasive V8 suddenly stopped working this morning.

    It's bound the happen again. CRXI has been on life support since Windows 7. 400+ reports to DR or maybe the Flex2Crystal with the latest version of Crystal from SAP.
  23. Re: W3C and FIDO Alliance finalize password free logins

    Windows Hello and Pin. And I think finger-print if you have a device. And use of Authenticator.
  24. Re: W3C and FIDO Alliance finalize password free logins

    Microsoft recently removed passwords from their apps. Slowly moving to the future.
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    Re: MS Edge WebView2 ActiveX wrapper

    Thanks Wil,

    Of course we sub-classed your wrapper so it will be easy to take out our code after the update.

    After a lot of user testing we went live with the browser yesterday.

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