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    Re: pbAllowColumnRemove for cWebGrid?

    Can you describe in some more detail what piFreezeColumnsCount would do? Would it change the horizontal scroll behavior and fixate an x number of columns on the left or?
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    Re: SetActionMode Question

    The dialog will wait for the call to return before it hides itself. You could start the business process in a separate roundtrip using the Callback procedure, then I expect the dialog to hide first.
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    Re: Webservice unicode issue

    Great, my vacation starts in a few hours, but I'll notify someone to keep an eye on this thread...
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    Re: Webservice unicode issue

    Okay, it looks like it is inserting some garbage right? This seems to happen after the XML you generate (the XmlHandle you return) and before the rest of the XML generated by waswsvc.dll. The runtime...
  5. Re: new psConnectionAppName property - request to expand it!

    Just to add to that, this updated build of 20.1 only contains stability improvements and security fixes, no new features. We never do that, as then it would have to go through a larger test cycle...
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    Re: pbAllowColumnRemove for cWebGrid?

    We will add this for next rev..
  7. Re: cWebGrid with Verify_Save_Confirmation Error

    I just tested this code and it functions when I add it to WebOrder 20.1 (of course I had to make some changes).

    Note that hmCallback is actually a handle that you can pass to ShowYesNo to handle...
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    Re: pbAllowColumnRemove for cWebGrid?

    Unfortunately we only have that for the entire weblist / webgrid (so not per column) in pbAllowColumnHiding?
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    Re: Special Characters

    It does sound like an encoding issue, and the fact that you were writing one character to print another already sounds like you where working around an encoding issue.

    DataFlex now is unicode...
  10. Re: cWebGrid with Verify_Save_Confirmation Error

    Can you post a more complete sample that allows us to reproduce this (preferably something we can drop into WebOrder)?
  11. Thread: PdfViewer

    by Harm Wibier

    Re: PdfViewer

    We will look into updating the library. We'll get back to you on it when Henri is back from vacation.
  12. Re: Showing a date in any text field with a given client format

    Note that the WebApp Framework does its date formatting on the client for cWebForm with peDataType set to Date, cWebDateForm and several other occassions. It sends dates to the client in a fixed...
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    Re: Navigate property in cWebMenuItem

    Good point, that information is not exposed in a nice API. The only place where it currently figures this out is in PerformNavigateByInvokingObj of cWebNavPathHelper_mixin which is called by...
  14. Re: DF 20.1 - cWebHtmlList with cWebListExpandPanel

    No, because the cWebListExpandPanel relies on the HTML structure of the regular WebList.
  15. Re: WebGrid Row Requiring Column Entry When No Changes

    Hi Sam,

    That normally does not happen. Sometimes checkbox or combo columns can cause this because of issues with the default value causing a changed-state. Can you post an example? What DataFlex...
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    Re: Web properties

    90% correct.

    They are indeed a combination of Client and Server web properties. WebSet will update both the Client and the Server value, WebGet always reads the Server value. So changes made on...
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    Re: Web Navigation Tab key

    Hi Giuseppe,

    That is an interesting find and it turns out to be a long standing bug with our modal dialogs. The modal dialogs are not really modal but use fake modality (they predate the new...
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    Re: "Invalid Column Name"

    I don't think it is an IIS rights thing since it runs in the browser and error 5122 means it loaded the JavaScirpt engine (since that is a JavaScript engine error number).

    Is it able to start...
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    Re: cWebList Column Header Height

    The psCaption does allow HTML to be used, so if you set it to "Line 1<br>Line 2" you have a two line header.
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    Re: Making a point

    I suspect this has something to do with '#REPLACE POINTS $C080' in FMAC, but that was already there in 20.0, so something else must have changed. If you need to use points specifically for...
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    Re: UCharArrayToString unicode conversion

    Hi Franco,

    Can you give some context to what you are trying to achieve? As Andre mentions, strings in DataFlex 20.x are now encoded as UTF-8 in memory by default. UCharArrayToString creates an...
  22. Re: Cancel dialog invocation during OnBeforeShow

    Hi Alberto,

    It seems that OnBeforeShow is triggered too early in the show process to make the Hide (Cancel sends Hide) work. But in recent versions of the product (I believe since 19.1) you don't...
  23. Re: could not render view oView as it was not initialized

    Ah, wait... The error is there but is being ignored..

    Error DFERR_PROGRAM "Unable to WebGet / WebSet the server property. The ghoWebServerPropStore is not initialized. The most likely cause is...
  24. Re: could not render view oView as it was not initialized

    I had a look and this turned out to be a tricky one! The problem is that your WebAppServerProps table is in the wrong spot in the filelist. The framework expects it at position 265, but it is at...
  25. Re: EncryptKey - DecryptKey to protect some financial fields

    Hi Nicholas,

    Not sure if this API was ever intended to be used like this (I was not aware of it being public). We'll review if this should stay public and if the used algorithms are still current...
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