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  1. Re: Transform options for text / box objects in Dataflex Reports

    Might want to put a few more choices on that list. +/- 45 is a fairly common choice.
  2. Look what just showed up in my youtube feed.

    Maybe a blast from the past or two.

  3. Re: Difference page orientation in subreport


    that's part of the problem. Bazillions of them.

    Which activeX do you use?

  4. Re: Difference page orientation in subreport

    you got a pointer to some PDFMerge example code?
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    Re: Highlighting the Gridrow

    OnSetDisplayMetrics is a method of the column. It get's called VERY OFTEN so keep any processing as light as possible, and don'e be looking things up in the database. If needed, use an invisible...
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    Re: Download a photo

    Have you tried just calling the link from Curl? If I click on your link I get:

    <Message>Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the...
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    Re: restarting a service.

    I think it depends on how you define "crashed" to windows, the service appears to be running, but to the users it does not, because it's not doing it's job.
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    Re: restarting a service.

    my service is started with NSSM, so perhaps i'm barking up the wrong tree
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    restarting a service.

    Given that i have a "polling" service that runs in the background as a proper windows service. this is fine, except that every so often it fails, and the users get an error "Data not Polled" on the...
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    Re: Groupheaders & function help

    well, I have two separate page headers, PageHeaderA is suppressed if {Page_Number} <> 1, pageheader B is suppressed if {Pagenumber} = 1
    Functions not needed...
  11. Re: Coloring DbCjGrid cells according to data outside the grid


    OnSetDisplayMetrics is fired off ALL THE TIME, unfortunately the only trustworthy lookup you have is current row, not selected row, so a hidden column with Zero Width is your best bet...
  12. Re: How do I display numbers in Scientific Notation?

    I'm fairly sure there is a .net function that will do this for me, I just need to add it to my usual DF External functions DLL
  13. Re: Options/Ideas for Mapbox implementation in Windows Desktop App

    The problem with the Google API solution is that as soon as you embed it in to a windows desktop app, it's no longer free. The license cost i was quoted at the time was in excess of $18,000. I...
  14. Re: How do I display numbers in Scientific Notation?

    Oh Joy.
  15. How do I display numbers in Scientific Notation?

    I've got a database with lots of numbers in the range 0.0 to 9.99E-12

    Very small numbers 0.00000000000999

    How do I persuade DR to display them as 9.99E-12 or 5.70E-07

    In the database...
  16. Digital Signatures in report files.

    It would be a nice feature to enable digitally signing DR files, so that they are more traceable/ less changeable

    I realize that usually only executables are signed, but this is a part of the...
  17. Re: I still get aggravated by combo boxes.

    In my case, I need it to fire as soon as they "roll up" after a selection, as it may affect forward navigation.
  18. Re: I still get aggravated by combo boxes.

    Just be aware that "userSelected" ONLY fires when they pick from the list, not when they type in the value, even if the value is in the list.

  19. I still get aggravated by combo boxes.

    but I've finally got a path that works.

    Object Field1 is a ComboForm
    Set Size to 13 100
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    Re: Weight Scale Integeration

    Funny enough, I use both Eltima and Socketwrench in different applications.

    Very happy with both.

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    Re: Weight Scale Integeration

    I use Serial to Ethernet converters from BrainBoxes in the uk, that work quite well. They take up the heavy lifting of getting Windows 10 to play nice with serial communications. Not to scales...
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    Re: Voice Control

    Bloody scottish bar doesn't have Bushmills.
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    Import structure from JSON

    Did I imagine it, or is there a way to import a report Structure Json file in the studio, to make it back into a report?

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    Re: Report me a grid.

    We're in the reports Sub Vincent.

    I want to do this in a standard DR subreport. yes I could write a DLL to convert from the string of 484 digits to a picture, but I want to keep it low tech.

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    Report me a grid.

    I have a 22x22 grid with data in it, the data is a number 0-8 I want to present this as a "graphic"


    Any Ideas?
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