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    Re: detail section fixed

    print a section at the bottom of the page, with a good height, and that will force the text tot eh next page. Suppress it if the last record has been printed.
  2. Re: Reading UTF-8 and UTF-16 csv files

    into df19.1 and earlier, they should be read in as Binary, unless you can guarantee that the contents are actually ASCII, just encoded as UTF8, but that is a very bad bet.

    UTF8 and UTF18 are...
  3. Re: Onblur is NOT the same as onExitObject

    yeah, but today is not the day I start back into javascript, that I haven't really worked in since about 2007, when it was a very different beast.

    Also, onblur may have use cases when being run...
  4. Re: Onblur is NOT the same as onExitObject

    yep, the focus change was what was biting me, I just have to let the navigation complete, then the rest of my 'status' check code works fine. ie Don't try and re-direct the focus change in OnBlur,...
  5. Re: Onblur is NOT the same as onExitObject

    I get caught up in endless loops, because I need to send a stupid user message, if the user does the stupid thing, and then I get caught in either spinning loops, or the onblur stops firing.

  6. Re: Onblur is NOT the same as onExitObject

    yep. just in df
  7. Onblur is NOT the same as onExitObject

    What is the PROPER way to perform an action, that may result in the focus being sent somewhere unexpected when the user tab's out of a field.

    The user is pre-filling fields to do a search, and...
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    Re: BusinessProcess, no dialog on erro

    So I guess it's a "critical Error" you're getting?

    I'd look into the handling of critical errors. Maybe using the ErrorEventHandlerClass.pkg from Sture's StureApsPublicLibrary would help you...
  9. Could not load database driver "DFBTRDRV"

    I have one client that uses Pervasive v8.6, I inherited the system from an older developer. I'm looking to tidy up the code and start doing some upgrades, but I'm not ready to do a full migration...
  10. Re: Change width (function / field) dynamically (Dataflex code - cDRReport)

    can you wait for DR 8, or is this more of a right now kinda thing?

    in 8.0 you MIGHT be able to hack the report file to do it. export to json, fudge it, re-import the json, hope?
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    Re: Passing of another DataFlexer

    Paul was a big man in every way. The world is now a smaller, sadder place without him in it.

    Requiem aeternam dona ei et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace
  12. Re: Change width (function / field) dynamically (Dataflex code - cDRReport)

    YAY! I finally got it in writing. I think I'm going to frame this!
  13. Re: Change width (function / field) dynamically (Dataflex code - cDRReport)

    Not directly, but in the report designer you can set the position / Size attributes to be a function, and in that function call a named function, or a parameter that you can set from integration. ...
  14. Invalid message MSG_CLEARDISPATCHDRIVER when closing program.

    I'm sure this is from not handling the closing of an ActiveX control properly, but I'm not sure there is a reasonable way to track down how to correctly stop it.

    I can see from the call stack that...
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    Re: Compiler warnings

    Edit the DAW dbGrid class and comment out the warning. Next time you get a new rev, maybe you'll feel like fixing them.
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    Re: Printing from AWS

    OK I'll bite. Did you REALLY solve it, or are you just sending PDF's to the browser?

    I've a retail services app, and the primary reason I haven't rolled it out as a webapp is that I can't print...
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    Re: Migration Wizard Error

    the folder does not actually exist. it's a library, doesn't need ddsrc. There used to be a continue anyway option, with a remember this choice" flag.
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    Migration Wizard Error

    When migrating a 16.0 workspace to 20.0, there was only one library defined, VDFQUERY.
    I had an already migrated workspace so I selected "already migrated, use this one": then I git the old...
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    HDI: Handle Customer Action Items.

    Lets say we have a webapp, where we deal with customers who need to self-sign up for a service or appointment.

    The customer wants to send out an email, with a link in that says: "Click here to...
  20. Re: Can you make your application into the screensaver?

    There is a post on here somewhere about screenshots....
  21. Re: Can you make your application into the screensaver?

    That may actually be the easiest solution
  22. Re: Can you make your application into the screensaver?

    The program runs in the background while the PC is locked. They want the screensaver to be what the screen would look like if it wasn’t locked. Genius
  23. Can you make your application into the screensaver?

    Customer has two mutually exclusive asks:

    They have conflicting requirements,

    The PC must be locked after n minutes of inactivity.
    The Operational display for the DF program running the...
  24. Re: Migration from DB2 to Mysql - loss of performance

    you need to better define slow?

    maybe this will help? I know there must be 'tweaks' you can make to the DB, but I don't know what they are on mySQL.
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    Re: Green swoosh of promise

    Easy for you to say. You've forgotten more about c++ than I ever learned...

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