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  1. Re: Word Mail Merge using FlexCom crashes after first mail merge

    I have just got it working on another new PC on the network. On the problem PC the app was installed twice in program files and program files (x86). Although that may not be the problem. The new...
  2. Re: Word Mail Merge using FlexCom crashes after first mail merge

    Thanks Marco for you information. I will ask them what versions they are using. The fact that the old PC which may soon be made obsolete has also stopped working is perplexing. Maybe they all got...
  3. Word Mail Merge using FlexCom crashes after first mail merge

    A customer just got new computers and a server. The VDF application uses Word Mail merging. Word8.pkg The first time the mail merge runs it is perfect. If you run another mail merge it crashed with...
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    Re: Emails and mail server out setting

    Thanks Marco for the suggestion, however, hoping it would be simple and no code changes. Perhaps they could install on one PC Microsoft Outlook, that works the old way?
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    Emails and mail server out setting

    I have a 'easymail' plugin running to send emails. I have a field for Server out. This is where I would normally enter, for example: My customer has outlook exchange360. This is web...
  6. Thread: TabPage

    by Peter Brooks


    I implemented this a long time ago. I can turn on and off the Tabs. Some of the code I used for this is below and it may help you get started:

    //This is for naming TABs
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    Re: OT: VPE printing

    Bob have you solved this? I have a vdf12.1 app with VPE 3 files. You could install my app to test it working, although it may overwrite the vdf12.1 runtime stuff. Email me from my website if you want...
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    Re: Showln Output Window

    Thanks for sharing your code. However when I test this code below I get the same number of showlns. 2073 lines. Any ideas?

    Use //This is to expand the Showln box....
  9. Re: Sending emails via Easymail (or other emailers) with GMail

    Thanks Vincent, I will check this out in a couple of weeks. Skiing has got in the way.
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    Showln Output Window

    Something that I never got around to asking over the trillion years of being on the newsgroups, or missed the post, which I did not find. Can the Output Window be made to accommodate more data?
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    Re: SQL and Native in same App ?

    Phil I have had a mixture of Tables in one Filelist. As an example, dataflex embedded and mySQL. Just try it out.

    Peter Brooks
    Secretary DDUG
  12. Re: Sending emails via Easymail (or other emailers) with GMail

    Thanks Jarden for looking at this. The link you gave me was where I got the information from, but do not understand how to convert it to VDF code.
    I tried this code "Set EasyMailSMTPObjSSL of...
  13. Re: Sending emails via Easymail (or other emailers) with GMail

    I have set a new value but do not know the correct syntax. I tried to pass this code: Set EasyMailSMTPObjSSL of hmailtx to "EasyMail.SSL" and it failed with "SetOLEVariantProperty" DISPIP 55 The...
  14. Re: Sending emails via Easymail (or other emailers) with GMail

    Thanks Michael,
    I was using Port 465.
    I looked into Easymail and found a EasyMailSMTPObjSSL. So I will give that ago.
  15. Sending emails via Easymail (or other emailers) with GMail

    I have been using Easymail to send emails (and PDF's) and over time have had to add in extra security like:
    SMTP User name and SMTP Password.
    This has been working fine. I get errors when a...
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    Re: Winprint 2 to .PDF

    I do not use Winprint very often, however, you can integrate a pdf tool, like PDFCreator, and an emailer like Easymail and automate it. I use VPE and automate Invoices to be emailled.
    Yes a built...
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    Post Bali Corroboree Photos available

    The Corroboree was a great success.

    Go to this link to see what you missed out on. It appears I need to upload the photos to the site - now...
  18. Re: Split Field for edit with more dbCheckBox

    You could always connect a second table that is a continuation of the table with 255 fields. Bit messy. I have done that.

    Peter Brooks
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    Re: HTML email

    Wil is the developer and can give you instructions and the product. It is designed to plug into the VDF app and allow you to type in HTML code. There is a menu which allows the editing - fonts etc.
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    Poll: Re: DateTime field for embedded database

    Hi Mike, I use a combination of embedded and MYSQL, so I have generic code to handle both scenarios.

    Get_Attribute DF_FILE_NUMBER_FIELDS of hFile to iFields
    If (iFields = 3) Begin
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    Re: VDF17.1 Apache and IIS co-habitating

    Thanks Mike. I'll check that out eventually. I am using port 81 for Apache as it clashed I think with Skype or was it Team viewer or ..

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    VDF17.1 Apache and IIS co-habitating

    I have just installed 17.1 to use at the Bali Corroboree training. I have Apache running and as a consequence localhost is not working for the Studio. I would like to be able to switch between the...
  23. Re: Emailling Invoices to Clients - How to streamline ?

    HI Frank,
    I use PDFCreator and a cheaper version of VPE (No PDF built in). And Easymail. I added in timer to delay looking for the PDF (customisable - say 1 second) then it finds the PDF ok and the...
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    Re: Web Service Wizard in 17.1

    Hi Vincent,
    I am doing a similar thing (in vdf14) and trying to create a Web services client - class via the Generator. I have the xml working from my website. ...
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    Re: Runprogram and switches

    Hi Richard, I do what Greg does. here is an example.

    External_Function ShellExecute "ShellExecuteA" shell32.dll ;
    Handle hWnd ;
    String lpOperation ;
    String lpFile ;
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