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    Re: GIT/Subversion in the Tools menu

    My new favourite: Sublime Merge
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    Re: Making a point

    For some reason I completely missed this meta tag! That will help quite alot.
    And: Thanks for the online-html-help. It's great that we can share links to help topics :)
  3. Re: Heads up: Printing to HP MFP M428dw printer fails

    A hacky workaround: Create a PDF (if you can) and send it via FTP to the printer.
  4. DataFlex does not have a package management system - and that's a good thing (kind of)

    I wish we had a package management system for quite some time because it makes life easier. I tried the StarZen package system and had some troubles getting it running... (I only tried for 5 minutes...
  5. Froala 2.6 vs Froala 4 - Library Update?

    We started using the Froala Wrapper Library in one of our projects. It looks like the wrapper uses Froala 2.6.2 but the most recent version of Froala is 4.
    Do you plan on updating the wrapper at...
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    Re: Empty child table not allowed?

    Our setup is complicated.

    We have Customers, Persons (which work for customers) and Orders and we use a multi tenant system with a tenant-table.

    An order has one customer which places the order...
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    Re: exe size in 20.1

    Our WebApps feel much faster too (starting and handling requests, especially with grids/lists). Not sure what you did with the driver, but it seems to make a big difference.
  8. Re: Creating a Gantt chart with amCharts

    Put them somewhere at the top (look for the "Custom script"-comment)
  9. Re: Creating a Gantt chart with amCharts

    Ah, I see... Apparently I added a custom piece of Javascript to the index.html as well:

    oWebApp.createChart = function(sObj, sJSON, sType){
    var oObj =...
  10. Re: Creating a Gantt chart with amCharts

    I've found an older example. I pasted the coede here:
    I used a "planning"-table, but you should be able to easily adopt it to your...
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    Re: Struct arrays or temp files

    It really depends on what you need to "analyse & sort".

    I would use a struct only to store data, and for simple lookups. (I would avoid having to sort the array multiple times and I would avoid...
  12. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Yes, that's what I did. My program now has a "main-procedure".

    Feature request (not strictly related): A warning on variable declarations outside of functions/procedure which are not explicitly...
  13. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Thank you! That explains everything :)
  14. Re: Command line argument - max length?

    Alright, that was a quick one... writing "most of the variables are global" got me thinking ;)
    The variables are not actually global (as in "global_variable") but just outside of a function- or...
  15. Command line argument - max length?

    Hi everyone

    I have a small tool, written in DataFlex, which should take one or two parameters from the command line and depending on their values do some stuff.
    If my parameter is longer than 82...
  16. Re: Migrating a WSO to a new server -DNS, TTL

    Another approach (if latency and bandwidth don't cause issues, but being offline for 5 minutes is not acceptable):
    - Set the new server up
    - Change the DNS so everything points to the new server
  17. Re: Different color setting for whitespace

    That's a pity.

    PS: Ceterum censeo CodeMax esse delendam
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    Re: Chicken and egg Structs

    DAW uses recursive structs too. Maybe they can shed some light onto this ;)

    // this is no longer used by cClientService but this class but it is maintained as is in case a developer is using...
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    Re: Chicken and egg Structs

    The first one is not allowed either. ( You may not declare a member whose type is the same as the struct type being declared (i.e. recursive struct declarations are not allowed) Source:...
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    Re: WebApp.exe showing as a virus

    I just scanned an example webapp and it returns a few (false) positive results.
    There is not much you can do about that. Signing might help.

    I would consider the reaction of the IT stuff good...
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    Typo in the documentation


    I think there is a typo in the documentation:

    The Sample contains a ">" which...
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    Re: Web APIs in DataFlex

    The eyedropper would be a nice extension for the DataFlex Styler (...
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    Re: Web APIs in DataFlex

    Great project!
    I don't need them right now, but there are two APIs which might be helpful:
    Screen Wake Lock: Allows to prevent screen locking / improve brightness, which is useful to improves...
  24. Different color setting for whitespace

    I love the dark theme for the studio. The one thing I'm currently missing is a seperate setting for the font color of white space. I know this sounds weird ;) but hear me out:
    I like to display the...
  25. Re: Small cVersionInfo addition suggestion

    I modified our version control so that each time you pull a version from the repository it writes current date, time and username into a text file and then included that. But it stopped working at...
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