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    Re: Error on 19.1 Studio Install

    I've had this once, it was caused by a virus scanner putting a dll in quarantine during the install.
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    Re: Database error, not saved

    You should keep the begin_transaction/end_transaction block small, in the sense that it takes no more than 0.1s or maybe 0.2seconds to execute this block. That at least is my rule of thumb.

    So if...
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    Re: Base64 to Byte Array

    Check the help for the right procedures. Maybe
  4. Re: Studio 19.1 Find/Replace Match whole word not working

    If you search for [gin] it will not find [Begin], but it would find it, if you spell it as [beGin].

    If you want to reproduce in Weborder sample, just do a replace in files for [webapp]. The 4th...
  5. Re: Studio 19.1 Find/Replace Match whole word not working

    Interesting. I can reproduce it in one of my own workspaces, but not in webordermobile.

    Ok, got it now. It looks like it has to do with the first letter being uppercase. If you search for 'view'...
  6. Re: FIND GE gives me a stranage behaviour

    WAG: You're doing a find on a different table (like a table with a similar spelling).
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    Re: Upload Files

    Error 405 is a HTTP-error: method not allowed.

    It looks like you are trying to upload a file, but you'll have to find a different approach. Either setup FTP or I guess you could programs a...
  8. Re: Change background color of menu

    You should be able to just copy the code in chrome that is the decider for the form and put your class in front of it. Example below for a form and disabled form.

    .myCssClass input{...
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    Re: Google Chrome and history

    AFAIK this doesn't work anymore. Last time I looked at it, other proposed solutions where too messy for seriously consider.
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    Re: 500 - Internal Server Error

    It seems a bit of a guess, but Google seems to hint towards a problem with a SQL-database not being attached properly. Maybe the windows event log shows a bit more information.
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    Re: WebApp Server question

    There is a hard limit on sessions, which can be configured using Webapp Server. (View --> Options)
    Number of application: run webapp check - which can be found in the bin directory - and read up on...
  12. Re: Constrain OR function not working?

    Property Date pdStart
    Object oHistory_DDis a cHistory_Datadictionary

    Procedure OnConstrain
    Forward Send OnConstrain
    Constrain history as(History.Date = pdStart(Self) or...
  13. Re: SortArray sort string value with numbers

    If you want them to be sorted like a number, convert the values to number or integer before comparing.

    Function SortSuiteSizes stJSArticleAttributeInfo attributes1...
  14. Re: Prompt button on non-indexed field

    If you want it to behave like it has an index, just add a (client-only index) to the Position.Description.
  15. Re: DataFlex 2019/19.1 on Windows Server 2008

    Too bad.
    I would still try 'alles auf uebergeordnet setzen' and then try re-adding them.

    also make sure that you are looking at the right spot. That might sound weird, but you could have a...
  16. Re: DataFlex 2019/19.1 on Windows Server 2008

    Most likely the problem can be solved by:
    In IIS go to 'Modules' and 'configure native module'. Add the (hopefully) missing DF 19.1 modules

    That is what the problem sounds like.
  17. Re: DR 7 managed connection 2 database and SQL()

    Peter's usggestion should work, if the databases are on the same instance. Or you could specify the database in the query

    [select * from db1.dbo.customer inner join on ...]
  18. Re: 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed

    If you can open the wso in the browser, but you get this error, it might be a firewall blocking JSON content. Have seen this before, although only just once.
  19. Re: OT: CSS experts? Help needed to center an image

    One solution is to set is as a background-image. Roughly like this:

    <div class="Article">
    <div class="ArticleItem" data-ServerOnClick="%1" data-OnClickParam="%2"><p...
  20. Re: MS-SQL Collation, Latin1_General_CI_AS, DF_Collate.cfg & String Comparison

    You can go to SQL-manager and change the SQL-collate from just this one field. No scripting needed. I have a situation like this in one of my projects. It certainly has his drawbacks but it has been...
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    Re: Featoure Request

    Just copy-paste the workspace and rename the copy to open it twice?

    Or create a new empty workspace and add the appsrc-paths if you want to edit in both, although that one is not recommended.
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    Re: WebApp Update Problem

    Could be WSO-mapping.
  23. Re: Button caption in businessprocess

    Most of the time it means you it is in your precompile.
  24. Re: date and time from the internet

    'asking the internet' is not 100% save either, but it is easy enough to do. A quick search gave this link
  25. Re: Problem running WebApp.exe from the Studio

    You'll also get this error when you do not have a global.asa.
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