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    Re: cWebColumn OnBlur not working on tab

    It seems to work in my current testing. Can it be that the fix in also...
  2. Re: DrillDown Model and cWebColumnSuggestion

    Sounds like this issue:
  3. Re: Navigate forward to view with peStateMode vsmOff invalidates the url

    I confirmed your findings. We'll consider changing this in the product..
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    Re: cWebCombo not respecting data binding

    The cWebCombo can only display values that are in its list of items. So you need to fill it somehow (manually or using a validation table). Note that there is also the cWebParentCombo if you want to...
  5. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    - Removing individual objects is not possible with the current version. We'll look into adding that. Alternatives right now are to hide the individual objects or clearing the entire container.
  6. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    That is actually a good question. Without having access to my laptop I am not sure if you can destroy individual objects. You can definitely clear the entire container..
  7. Re: Web Grid Jumps back selected record or to blank line at the bottom of the web grid

    Can you reproduce this in one of the samples? Note that this behavior likely improved in 19.0 / 19.1 as we dramatically refactored the grids / lists there, if upgrading is an option I'd definitely...
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    Re: Incident Reporting app

    Note that the cWebFileUploadButton can be set to accept images and try to capture them using the camera. See pbCapture. Play around with this and see if does what you need..
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    Re: WebDateForm

    Try including the following JavaScript code:

    // Fix for WebDateForm/WebDatePicker on Internet Explorer 11 (HW: 2019/10/11)
    if(df.pnDataFlexVersion == 19.1){
  10. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    Good questions:

    what is the road map of this library?
    is that always gonna be an external library?
    will it be integrating back to DF in the future?
    This will flow back into the product in the...
  11. Sticky: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the Alpha 1 release of the Dynamic Objects Library for DataFlex 2019/19.1.

    Download Dynamic Objects Library v1.0.5 Alpha 1

    This library extends the...
  12. Thread: cWebIFrame

    by Harm Wibier

    Re: cWebIFrame

    The OnLoad DOM event in JavaScript would be what you need. We never hooked it up to a server-side event in DataFlex (just put that on the wish list). But it would indeed only work when the page in...
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    Re: Need a cWebLink?

    If you want a cWebButton to look like a link you can also use the "AsAnchor" CSS class like we do in the SelectOrdersByCustomer.wo in WebOrderMobile.
  14. Re: Where in help do i find out on how the CSS Layers work?

    Can you share some code so we get a better idea of what you are doing?

    If you set the psCSSClass on the HTML box then that CSS class will be applied to the outermost DIV of the control. This is...
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    Re: Error Display Issue

    Likely, either this fix or a better one..
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    Re: Error Display Issue

    The error handler looks at the focussed object to determine on which DEO's it should show the error. The wait dialog is a client-side only modal dialog and that takes the focus, causing the error...
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    Re: Searching on Date - 'Undefined' text

    Wait.. now I see it.. I did not use search menu item but used the keyboard..

    Try adding this JavaScript to your project (after df-include.js is loaded):

    // Workarround for search on date...
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    Re: Searching on Date - 'Undefined' text

    I am unable to reproduce this one. What date format are you using?
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    Re: URLs/History 19.1 ModalDialog

    So WC0031 is the modal dialog? Modal dialogs should not be part of the URL. Maybe it gets in there because you use psLoadViewOnClick. Can you try showing it using Send Popup from the OnClick?
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    Re: cwebcombo issue with DF19.1

    Thanks! I looked at it and it seems to be caused by rights being a numeric field. Between 19.0 and 19.1 we changed the cWebCombo to always have its peDataType set to typeASCII. This had something to...
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    Re: cwebcombo issue with DF19.1

    Can you post an example that helps us reproduce this?
  22. Re: cWebTimer broken by WebSet pbShowPercentage

    Yeah.. I had a short look at this and the pbShowPercentage doesn't support being WebSet. I'll fix that for next rev. I also found that the material theme doesn't support showing the percentage at...
  23. 19.1 DD/Request_Save Issue - Record getting switched

    Hi Stephen,

    We are looking into this, and have found a bug that causes this. This bug is not new in 19.1, but in 19.1 we added the improved handling of externally changed parents that exposes...
  24. Re: 19.0 Studio will not install on Windows server 2019

    What exact version of Windows Server 2019 are you using? Can you check using winver?
  25. Re: pbRender - Synchronised property being forgotten?

    Unfortunately this is a bit of a quirk in the system. See my response in this thread:
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