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  1. Re: Can you have multiple cWebHttpHandler objects in a webapp?

    You can have multiple http handlers, but you have to put them in separate source files (like web services). The studio generates the AppHtml\web.config additions and only detects the handler if it is...
  2. Re: cWebTabPage cWebGrid do not open with Google Chrome

    Which version of DataFlex are you using?
    Do you see this issue on multiple machines?
    Any JavaScript errors on the browser console?
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    Re: Copying a web app workspace

    The names in web.config, global.asa and *.wso are only adjusted by recompiling in the studio. Just registering a webapp (through the studio or the administrator) does not do this!
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    Re: FormatDisplayValue in cCJGridColumn

    This code does seem to be touched and likely works well with unicode, but it could use some cleaning up as these references to ANSI seem to be invalid now (AnsiValueToVariant is actually changed to...
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    Re: File_Exiist and Unicode

    File_Exist, Direct_Output and I/O commands alike expect UTF-8 strings in DataFlex 20. They actually talk to UTF-16 windows API's. I would assume windows will handle necessary conversions regarding...
  6. Re: 19.1 Client side webproperty's: numbers are not parsed as numbers

    You are right that commenting this out does not make web properties of type number function like int and bool do. It does 'fix' the problem that with european settings your web property value would...
  7. Re: DF 19.1 - FileUpload does NOT trigger errors properly

    I looked into this and it seems that issue sneaked in when we merged back code for the 19.1 updated build. We'll make sure this is working properly in next rev. For 19.1 I'd recommend to put the...
  8. Re: Feature request: NOT all your source is UTF-8

    New customers don't have to worry about this, all theirs sources will be UTF-8. Existing customers can just have the box ticked for as long as they share code with older revs. When you use characters...
  9. Re: Keyboard on mobil is shown on focus of input field and directly closed

    Turning off pbHtml5NumberOnMobile would never hurt.

    There are a few things happening when a field receives the focus. It will first query the cursor and selection positions, then it will change to...
  10. Re: WebApp designer not showing cWebColumnCombo on cWebLists

    This problem is fixed in DataFlex 2020..
  11. Re: Keyboard on mobil is shown on focus of input field and directly closed

    Does changing pbHtml5NumberOnMobile influence this? As Henri mentions, we are having a hard time reproducing this. The way HTML5 supports mobile keyboards has always been a bit of a problem for us as...
  12. Re: The application was unable to communicate with the server.

    I've logged your suggestion to provide a way to suppress the error 5121. Especially for timers I do see how that could be handy. For most user initiated operations you do want an error if the...
  13. Re: The application was unable to communicate with the server.

    What version are you using?

    Error 5121 literally means that it could not reach the server. There can be numerous causes for that.

    If the assertion in the grid it is an indication of a problem...
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    Re: Request_Read access violation

    Please note that the CK's are still undergoing a big overhaul. Please let us know if this problem still exists in the next build.
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    Re: Pointers and strings

    This code indeed assumes (and MSDN does document it that way) that this function returns a pointer within the string that was passed into it (so it doesn't return a new string). The problem with this...
  16. Re: JavaScript properties all of type String

    The idea was indeed that it would convert these to the native JavaScript type. And it properly does so for string (duh), integer and boolean. But it was never implemented properly for number, date...
  17. Re: client events - how to avoid this chain of object expression ?

    well.. if you want to make a relative path it has to be close by (a sibling / a child / sibling of its parent)..

    We could consider (if we expect more people to pick up on client-side WAF...
  18. Re: client events - how to avoid this chain of object expression ?

    oEvent.oSource points to the object that has thrown the event. If oCustomerName is a sibbling of that then oEvent.oSource._oParent.oCustomerName should work.
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    Re: CK SQL logins with "UTF-8" characters

    We'll look into this...
  20. Re: Screwy string variable contents tool tips

    Being lazy here.. ;) Do you happen to have a code snippet that I can copy past and reproduce the issue?

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    Re: Mapping object changing position

    By any chance have a link for to see this in action?
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    Re: Load view from cWebColumnButton

    What you are doing is illegal because of how the view loading system works. The framework only synchronizes your current view and possibly an invoking view (in the drilldown model and when using...
  23. Thread: AddIcon

    by Harm Wibier

    Re: AddIcon

    Bug confirmed, it will be fixed for next build..
  24. Re: WebColumn with Wrap text enabled, clipping last line

    This only seems to happen under Chrome (not FireFox and Edge) on my machine. But the following CSS seems to fix it:

    .WebGrid .WebList_Body .WebList_Row td, .WebList .WebList_Body .WebList_Row...
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    Re: Load view from cWebColumnButton

    Send Show should work. You mention it doesn't when the view has already been loaded, can you elaborate on what happens?
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