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    Re: data dictionary locks

    Error 25, "record not found", has nothing to do with locking. It simply means that a record which was previously there, now was deleted - or for some weird reason is not available. There are many...
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    Re: Browser Tabs

    On one site I have used an javascript-idle timer. So when someone is idle for more then x minutes and comes back, the page is automatically being refreshed. This to prevent old data, that is likely...
  3. Re: cWebModalDialog with cWebImage

    Sorta. If you give the Dialog a CSS-class and fiddle with CSS for on hour and a bit, it should be possible.
  4. Re: SetActionMode and translations

    Every webclient object has it's own Onload. So to follow your example: when a user logs out, by default a client-refresh is done and then the oWebapp is being loaded which triggers the Onload. Note...
  5. Re: SetActionMode and translations

    The word 'process' here is a bit misleading or maybe out of context. It has nothing to do with a process as in process pooling. So if you have a process pool of 5 webapp.exe's and 100 users are...
  6. Re: SetActionMode and translations

    That is not correct. Of course some objects could be loaded before a user is logged in and you cannot use webproperties. But Onload should be called with every refresh.
  7. Re: pbNoAccessibilityCheck and using DD with no Entry_Item fields

    Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding....

    The posted code should work as you do the request_save immediately after setting field_changed_value. What does not work is to set...
  8. Re: Programmatically clear a relationship

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    Re: Button image & text

    Just background-position? Something like this should add an image to each button.

    .daLogo button{
    background-image: url(;
    background-size: 16px...
  10. Re: scheduler at Windows server 2019

    Yes, most likely a rights issues. Make sure you select the correct account. I also always check the 'run with highest privileges' as in the past it has been needed.
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    Re: Invalid date

    I assume the '\' is simply an escape character for the '/'.

    Edit: if you make the struct-member of type date, you should get a different JSON without slashes.
  12. Re: Question: How to Stop a Program running a long ESQL from going into a 'Non-Responsive' mode ?

    If the total_elapsed_time returns what the name suggests, it will not be very useful. The percent_complete mentioned in the same thread sound good, but on my local machine it always gave 0% for the...
  13. Re: (CurrentDateTime()) value retrieved from MSSQL.

    Put 23,3 in the length field. (So do not use precision here)
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    Re: Label of oMain

    You might be looking for (in oApplication)

    Set psApplicationTitle to '<Companyname>'

    or add a cWeblabel above the breadcrumbs if you prefer that.
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    Re: Show Image from DB

    With RDS yes. If you use ODBC you do not need base64.
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    Re: Show Image from DB

    Where did you expect to find it?

    If you go to DR-help, type [binary] in the search go to RDS sample data, it says:

    Binary data (for images) needs to be entered as a base64 string.

    And if...
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    Re: Show Image from DB

    With Base64 it worked for me. So something like this

    String s
    Pointer p
    Boolean bVoid

  18. Re: cWebList Row colours attempt #2

    I couldn't find a property either, so I assume the RowOdd/RowEven are always being set and it is up to the designer or theme to use them or not. Anyway, if you have several rules about the...
  19. Re: cWebList Row colours attempt #2

    Looks like you use alternating rowcolors? That would conflict with a manual background color.
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    Re: Button with Arrows

    Yeah, like Sture said. you just google 'unicode symbol for <whatever symbol you want>'. Generally you end up on a site with a bunch of symbols collected and you copy-paste the one you want.

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    Re: Button with Arrows

    Just set the caption to the arrow you like (
    or set in it CSS

    Object oWebButton1 is a cWebButton
    Set piColumnSpan to 2
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    Re: Table Name Casing

    The casing (and name) in Dataflex is just a matter of how the table was entered into the filelist. In DbBuulder, just filelist, edit entry and change the tablename how you like. Check the output-FD...
  23. Re: WebService and Process Pooling question

    Yes, that should just work.
  24. Re: Style questions about Material theme in DF 2022 (20.1)

    1. This is by design. You can fiddle with it by putting this in the application.css (or a special customer-theme CSS) and change the font-size to what you want it to be. I like the default...
  25. Re: TimeSpan question - how does it work?

    Use SpanTotalSeconds/SpanTotalMinutes in stead of SpanSeconds. Also there is a sleep command. It doesn't accept less then a seconds though.
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