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  1. Re: Character and ASCII, how they are supposed to work

    We are going to look into adding normalization function(s) to DataFlex to provide developers with a more complete interface for manipulating strings. When adjusting the string functions for Unicode...
  2. Re: Character and ASCII, how they are supposed to work

    Sure... this is not a problem as long as you stick to English and Dutch..
  3. Re: Character and ASCII, how they are supposed to work

    We'll consider improving the DOC. Not sure if we'd need another set of string functions or should change the behavior of the current ones. A lot of programming languages actually have string...
  4. Re: Character and ASCII, how they are supposed to work

    Yes, I improved my original post.
  5. Re: Character and ASCII, how they are supposed to work

    Right, unicode can be very confusing. And this example did teach me a few things about Unicode and how our functions work (which we haven’t tested enough with composite characters). Let me try to...
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    Re: Command failure: Masked_Value

    Hi Edgard,

    You are right, there is a bug in Masked_Value and we'll make sure to fix it for the next build. Thanks for narrowing this down!

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    Sticky: Redaction Library Available

    Reliable security is critical in web applications. In DataFlex 2021, security has been enhanced by adding automatic validations to security-related web properties to make web applications more secure...
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    Re: Dejavu data filling up cCjGrid

    Ideally every piece of software would interpret every string the same. But if the Unicode project has learned me one thing, it is that that is not true. DataFlex allows 0 bytes inside a string. To do...
  9. Re: cScrollingContainer refusing to scroll

    I moved the thread..
  10. Re: uChar Array in a unicode world - UcharArraytoString truncates value in source is utf-16.

    We already have UCharArrayToWString for this (pretty sure that is in Beta 3, if not it will be in the next build). This function returns a WString, but if you move that into a regular string it...
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    Re: Problem Using Camera with IPAD

    It sounds like something changed in IOS that causes the files to be in a different format (bigger / different file type?). What version of DataFlex is this? Maybe the image format setting on IOS...
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    Re: WebApp Mobile and Scanner

    Note that DataFlex 20 has an OnKeyPress event on cWebForm. It will bundle multiple keypress events that happen within a few milleseconds so I'd expect those generated by a scanner to only cause a...
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    Re: pbEnterKeyAsTabKey

    We never implemented this for the WebApp Framework for several reasons. Besides not wanting to mess with the focus logic too much (the framework currently does not know what control will receive the...
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    Re: Verify_Data_Loss_Msg misunderstanding

    The Verify_Data_Loss_msg is indeed not shown when a view is hidden in the desktop style. We likely did not do this because your changes would still be there when you switch back to the view you...
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    Re: Esql and UTF8/16

    No conversion is needed any more for embedded SQL. All the string data is returned as UTF-8.
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    Re: Studio Editor complaint

    Are you making the selection with the mouse or the keyboard? Can you provide exact steps? Both using the cursor keys and the mouse feels pretty controllable to me..
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    Re: Compiler errors

    Or post / send us an example to reproduce..
  18. Re: Allow to specify different tags separator for cWebTagsForm

    I've logged this as a suggestion for next rev.
  19. Re: SO much for being happy to run side by side..

    I assume it is indeed caused by codejock, that should be the only component shared. Did 19.1 still function after uninstalling 20? If so I think we can live with this..
  20. Re: B3 - cWebTagsForm does not accept "" chars

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for reporting this, we are going to look into it.

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    Re: cWebGroup psCaption pbShowBorder

    Thanks for reporting this. We'll look into it!
  22. Re: Web Service error message is not enlightening

    This error occurs when it tries to load & decrypt the username and password you configured for this webapp to run under. Somehow it doesn't succeed. Can you reset it by clicking select user on the...
  23. Re: Find text in multiple files is (very) slow

    My bug? I think using .nui or .utl as file extensions is a bug.. :cool:

    Kidding aside. There is no 100% reliable method for detecting the file encoding on files that do not have a BOM. Whatever...
  24. Re: Find text in multiple files is (very) slow

    Hi Lennart,

    This happens if the files are not UTF-8. Solution is to convert these files to UTF-8 or to add these extensions to the list of known DataFlex extensions (so it will assume source files...
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    Re: Another SAXParseException

    Right now I am clueless, maybe it is a rights issue? Please log a request at if you need further assistance with this.
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