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DataFlex for WordPress coming soon....

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DataFlex developers are rapidly building desktop and mobile web apps, some of which need to be “wrapped” in a web site to provide supporting information and a good design environment for the application. To help fill this need, a project called “DataFlex for WordPress” (DF4WP) is underway to publish a DataFlex plug-in for the widely used WordPress content management system.

The original work to combine DataFlex with WordPress was initiated by Coby Sparks of Remac/J Renee in Dallas, Texas; the technical implementation was done by Harper Carr. Coby has generously donated this work to the DataFlex community. Data Access Worldwide is excited to sponsor continuing work by Harper to create a general purpose plug-in component that can be easily used by others to integrate DataFlex web apps with WordPress web sites. Mike Peat of Unicorn Interglobal (UK) is now the project’s manager and a contributing collaborator, too.

A pre-release version of “DataFlex for WordPress” is expected mid-November, 2015. More information and documentation will be published along with the software.

The first production use of the DF4WP plug-in went live today on the DISD website. The DISD web site content is published in WordPress and the event registration and payment application is a DataFlex 18.1 web app running as a DF4WP plug-in.

A reasonable question is: “what is the effect of DF4WP on DataFlex Content Manager?” Answer: none. Our goal is to expand the options and resources available to DataFlex developers so applications can be built and deployed faster and at less cost. Adding another content manager that can integrate DataFlex web apps is a step in that direction. Both CMS products have strengths; developers can now choose between available options according to their needs.

Updated 27-Oct-2015 at 04:08 PM by Chip Casanave



  1. DaveR's Avatar
    Wow. Just what I need right now!
  2. Wim Schimmel's Avatar
    Any news about this ?

    Is there a beta or link to see more ?
  3. franco's Avatar
    hello chip
    this could be a wonderfull features for webapps. There is some news about release time of some beta? or need to wait DISD in February?.
    at least could be possible to know about the features that will be included in this plug-in for wordpress?.

    as well as open any webviews within wordpress pages or post , it would be great if webapp could interact with the database sql wordpress with existing or maybe also creating new tables

  4. Tom Murphy's Avatar
    Hi DAW

    Has this been made available yet?

  5. franco's Avatar
    Hi Chip
    it is long time when the word press plug in for Dataflex was announced as coming soon... it is only just to know if it is open project, and if there is still some hope to can have a release doesn't matter if for free or paying it. I need something like that to comunicate directly with some mysql wordpress sites.. before loose time to see how I can do it by my self... it should be useful for me to know if the project of a Dataflex for wordpress plug in is stilll alive.. or not!

    thank you
    Franco Spinella