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Forums and Blogs Accessible via Mobile Application

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In a continuing effort to make resources available to our community the Data Access Worldwide Forums and the Development Team Blog will now be accessible via a mobile application called Tapatalk.

Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. This forum App provides super fast on-the-go forum access to majority of the discussion forums that has activated the Tapatalk plugin.

If you choose to use Tapatalk to access the Data Access Worldwide Forums and Blog just search for "Data Access" from within the app, and you'll find us! You can browse as a guest, or login using your standard Forum credentials. We're very excited to be introducing this new level of accessibility for our forums and blog, and hope to offer more resources in the future. Here are a few images to give you an idea of what Tapatalk is capable of.

Showing New and Unread Thread with Avatar and Number of reply:

Images are thread are converted to thumbnail and allow full-screen viewing

Ability to see Who's Online and what they are doing:

Ability to search by topics and posts:

Ability to upload images directly from Android and iPhone!:

Check out for more information!


  1. HenryEgal's Avatar
    Is anyone recommending this? Thanks! Henry
  2. Stephen W. Meeley's Avatar
    Hi Henry,

    I think the app is great for navigating the Forms and Blogs on Mobile devices (I use the iPad and iPhone). I don't use the app for posting to the Forums just because I think it's a bit more cumbersome.

    Of course, I don't post via those devices at all (even though the full browser interface) - I'm just never that far away from one of my many computers and I'm much more comfortable with a real keyboard.

    But to get back to your question, I think the application is well worth the price.

    BTW - we have no business relationship with them - if I didn't like it I would say so!
  3. HenryEgal's Avatar
    Stephen thanks for the info! I think I'll be getting it tonight!