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  1. Visual Report Writer and The Web (VI)

    Blog number six in this category about Visual Report Writer and the web integration. I will talk about the next report that you can find on the Live Demo website (European Server, USA server) named Credit and Balances Overview. If this is the first blog you read I encourage you to read the five other blogs (1: The Solution, 2: Invoices Report, 3: The Cleanup, 4: The CustomerList and 5: The OrderList). Between the fourth and the fifth blog we have been able to release the Alpha I version of Visual Report Writer 3.0 ...
  2. Report Data Sources

    This blog contains information on choosing and changing the data source in the Data Access report writer.

    Data Source?
    During the creation of a new report a data source needs to be selected. A data source makes it possible for the report writer to access the rows of data in tables. Currently 3 data source categories are available; DataFlex, ODBC and RDS.

    For the DataFlex database the data source is either the list of tables (usually named filelist.cfg) ...

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  3. Use of Runtime Data Source with Visual Report Writer

    One of the new features of Visual Report Writer version 2.0 will be support of a Runtime Data Source (RDS). A runtime data source is a virtual table that is defined during report definition while the data is supplied via integration. This opens the way to report of data that does not come from a "real" database. In this blog you will read how to make a report based on the filelist.

    Report Definition
    Start Visual Report Writer and press Ctrl+N for a new report (or choose New Report ...