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  1. Manually Uninstalling DataFlex

    A normal uninstall procedure of DataFlex revision 19.0 and earlier requires three simple steps:
    1. Run Programs and Features (accessible through Control Panel on your Windows machine)
    2. Select to uninstall DataFlex
    3. Restart your computer to finalize the process (and release anything DataFlex that was loaded in memory)

    Sometimes users fail to execute step 3 and go straight to installing another build of DataFlex. What might happen is that files not released from memory will still be ...

    Updated 8-Apr-2023 at 09:05 AM by Marcia Booth

  2. Adjusting Server Settings prior to installing Visual DataFlex

    The default Windows settings constantly change and starting with Windows Server 2003 some settings are not configured to accommodate what is needed in a Visual DataFlex environment. Also, some components necessary for Visual DataFlex to fully run are not installed by default. So, before installing Visual DataFlex, you should review and configure your server.

    In order to install and successfully run, Visual DataFlex needs the following to be appropriately set:

    1. Internet

    Updated 8-Aug-2014 at 11:17 AM by Marcia Booth