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  1. More test data please...

    This blog covers a little project I recently have been working on to create a larger and more diverse data set for the order entry workspace delivered as one of the examples. The set of data in the database delivered with version 17.1 was already increased and changed. This was mainly done to get a better set of data for the demonstration of Dynamic AI integration in a DataFlex application. The data in older versions of the workspace was a bit outdated and limited in size. While the increase was ...
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  2. The New Grids - All About Rows and Columns

    by , 5-May-2010 at 05:23 PM (Development Team Blog)
    The information about row and column changing is still being documented. There are significant changes in the way the new grid works as compared to the old grids. Here is a summary that should help everyone get started.

    Navigation consists of changing columns and changing rows. A navigation event consists of a row change and/or a column change. It is best to think of these as two events.

    [B]Column Change

    [/B]When a column change occurs, events are sent ...
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