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  1. Displaying Country Flags in a cDBCJGrid

    In september 2011 I published a blog about using other graphics in a cCJGrid class object. Today at the bi-monthly held drive-in support events in Germany hosted by Data Access Europe I was asked about how to do this with a database aware CodeJock based grid. With this short blog I will tell you how you can do this.

    For this blog I will be using a customer table that we also use for the Discovering Visual Report Writer book that is available from Data Access Europe. This ...

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  2. An Outlook Addresses Lookup List

    This week I had the need for a selection list with e-mail addresses that are stored in my Microsoft Outlook address book(s). So I created one. This blog explains in steps what you need to do to make one as well. The blog is based on version 16.1 of Visual DataFlex. If you do not have that version you cannot create the component.

    The Selection List
    One of the enhancements of Visual DataFlex 16.1 is a cCJGridPromptList class which offers a selection list that is not getting its ...
  3. Using Other Graphic Formats in Your cCJGrids

    About a year ago (November 2010) I posted a blog about how to use other graphic formats in the headers of a cCJGrid. A couple of days ago there was a request about how to use other graphic formats in the grid itself. While all the information is in the one-year-old blog I feel you all want to see an example on how to do this. So that is what this blog is about.

    In the previous blog I started with describing a column named oYellowCards. The blog was written shortly after the 2010 World ...

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  4. Change Font of The Statusbar

    In almost every Visual DataFlex MDI Windows Application you have a statusbar. The statusbar is usually drawn at the bottom of your panel and is divided in one of more panes. Usually the first pane is reserved for statushelp. This blog tells you how you can change the appearance of a CodeJock statusbar and its panes.

    Changing the appearance of the statusbar means changing font attributes. The font settings of the statusbar and its panes are not exposed directly via properties ...
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  5. How to Display other Image Formats in the cCJGrid

    Visual DataFlex supports bitmaps and icons in the standard controls. If you have other graphic format files (like TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG etc) you need to use either an ActiveX object, a DLL that does it for you or use the Graphics Library free available for download. For the CodeJock Report Control based Grids in Visual DataFlex 16.0 and higher it is a different case. This blog tells you how to use the popular graphics formats in the grid.

    When you want to display an image ...

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  6. Skinning in Visual DataFlex - The Simple Way to Great Looks

    Note: This information applies to Visual DataFlex 2008 and higher.

    What is Skinning?

    Skinning can be defined as the process of applying a skin (customized graphical appearances) in order to change an application’s look and feel. Some skins merely make the program more aesthetically pleasing, but others can rearrange elements of the interface, potentially making the program easier to use.

    Visual DataFlex and Skinning

    Visual DataFlex ...

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