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  1. Fonts in Visual DataFlex

    There are many aspects to the discussions about how the new font system in Visual DataFlex works when compared to the old. This is actually a complex topic with a lot of different perspectives so this blog might be on the long side. I promise to do my best not to ramble (too much).

    Ill start by stating that the main goal in wirting this is to get everyone to a common understanding of the way fonts work: how the old system functioned, what we changed in moving to the new system and ...
  2. Unable to Compile Applications in the Studio?

    by , 3-Nov-2011 at 01:21 PM (Development Team Blog)
    Do you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Are you having problems compiling your application in the Studio? I'm not talking about compiler errors, I'm talking about the Studio reporting that it cannot delete the old application .exe file before compiling the new one! If you are seeing that problem then read on, I may have the solution (or at least a little good advice)...

    System Tune Up

    Ages ago I had turned off the windows Application Experience service while trying to ...

    Updated 1-Dec-2013 at 12:44 PM by Vincent Oorsprong (Images enlarged)

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  3. Current Directory

    A couple of weeks ago in a Discovering Visual DataFlex training one of the trainees stumbled over a problem caused by the Current Directory. In this blog I tell you more about the problem and what the Current Directory has to do with it.

    The Problem
    In the case that let me make this blog a dbBitmap control was used to display an image. A dbBitmap control is a database aware control so the name of the image file is stored in a column of a row in a table. Pictures can be in a folder ...
  4. How to get volume information

    Always wanted to know what drives are available in your computer? Wanted to know what the status of the drive is? Wanted to know the serialnumber (e.g. 503E-A401)? Wanted to know is filename casing preserved? No... then go to the next blog. Yes, read on...

    Visual DataFlex has a command called GetDskInfo. You pass it an integer and because drives can be assigned to a drive letter there is a maximum of 26 drives. So we can make a loop through all the drives. In the following ...
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  5. Windows 2003 Test Environment: Getting rid of a few Annoyances

    Depending on what you are working on, certain improvements in security that Microsoft implemented become annoyances in your test environment. On Windows Server 2003, my favorite two that I need to turn off immediately are:

    1. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
    2. Shutdown Event Tracker

    1. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
    By default, this is enabled on Windows 2003. Whenever you open IE, you get the message below displayed ...
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