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  1. Adjusting your XML Application to use Namespace and XML Schema Validation

    In order to update our Samples to use the new XML methods (*NS methods) and schema validation, I had to go through some steps to get it all working. I thought it would be beneficial to document what I have done and share what I have learned while converting the samples -- so here I am.

    Note that these changes are not required for applications to be migrated to Visual DataFlex 15.1, but namespaces can play a vital role in a data integration project or data exchange scenario, where ...
  2. Practical XML namespaces

    by , 22-Dec-2009 at 08:00 AM (Development Team Blog)
    Now that you've read the new namespace primer in the Visual DataFlex documentation, and perhaps also read [URL=""]John's article about namespaces[/URL] (you have read them, right?), you're probably thinking, good, but how do I really use namespaces when creating my XML document?

    First, you should use [I]AddElementNS[/I] and so on, all those methods ending with [I]NS[/I]. As John mentioned, you'll notice that you specify the ...
  3. Play the VDF15.1 RC1 Quiz

    by , 4-Dec-2009 at 02:17 PM (Development Team Blog)
    I'd like to talk about two of the changes made in our Visual DataFlex 15.1 Release Candidate ([URL=""]VDF15.1 RC1[/URL]). We wrote a new help section about XML namespaces (Reference Library / General Reference / XML Namespaces Primer). That's the good change. We accidentally copied the wrong XML file into our new workspace template section. That's the evil change. Now when you try to create a new workspace you get the following ...