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  1. Address and Pointer, what's up with that?

    by , 1-Apr-2010 at 08:00 AM (Development Team Blog)
    If you've been a VDF developer for a while you've undoubtedly come across [I]Pointer[/I], but what about the [I]Address[/I] type? Isn't that just redundant?

    [I]Pointer[/I] has been around seemingly forever, but you may or may not know that [I]Pointer[/I] is not a real data type in its own right. If you type [I]Pointer[/I] in the Visual DataFlex Studio editor and hover your mouse cursor over the word, you'll see a tooltip that says "Alias type Pointer Integer". So even though ...
  2. How to get detail information from the callstack

    Recently I received a support call from a developer who was very pleased with the fact that the product now has a command to return the current callstack. He said however it is one string and I would like to retrieve detailed information from the callstack. I told the developer to look at string manipulation functions and that made him not so happy. The amount of work was high he thought.

    Because I said it is not so difficult he challenged me to make a function that makes it easier ...