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  1. WebApp Framework Access Restriction

    The WebApp Framework comes with a prepared system for building proper secure Web Applications. By default there is the session manager that generates a unique key for each session and remembers the login state of this session and there are several hooks that allow the developer to easily implement access rules on view level. Now having this all in place it is just a matter of implementing the right hooks to restrict access to parts of the application based on the login state and user rights. But ...
  2. Programmatically find out if UAC is turned ON

    UAC, short for User Access Control, the feature built in Microsoft Windows Vista and higher is turned off by a number of users and developers because they do not like that the operating system asks for permission to write or access certain areas of their environment. Building your applications you are however advised not to do this because sooner or later you will install your not UAC compliant application at a UAC controlled PC and that is not goo.

    How can you find out if UAC is ...