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  1. ESQL: Fetching from Batch Statements

    When using the database Connectivity Kits, developers may choose to use embedded SQL (ESQL) in their applications to take advantage of the database server capabilities and set processing. In ESQL you can execute many different statements either one by one or in batches. So, how can batch statements be used in Visual DataFlex?

    What are Batch Statements
    A batch of SQL statements is a group of two or more SQL statements or a single SQL statement that has the same effect as a group ...
  2. Handling Connection Error in your Application

    When using one of the database Connectivity Kits, how can you make your program display its own error message when a connection string is not correct? By default, an error is displayed and the database will pop up a login dialog for users to enter their correct user and password. Or the application may display an unhandled error. Hmm... not what you want to see when using either the login command or SQLConnect method.

    In order to have your application better handle those errors, ...
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  3. What is in a Name: Function Names Generated at Runtime

    When writing the Migration Wizard I needed to come up with a solution for executing different routines depending on the revision the original workspace was from. As part of that solution, I decided to create a function that would generate the name of the routine on the fly, using the revision of the workspace that was being migrated. That way the main migration code would be simple and clean, and I would never need to change it in the future to accommodate upcoming revisions.

    This ...

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