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  1. How to use Windows API functions in Visual Report Writer

    by , 19-Jul-2013 at 04:37 PM (Development Team Blog)
    In this blog Iíll show you how to use Windows API functions in Visual Report Writer.
    We are using the function [B]PathFileExists[/B] exposed by the library Ď[B]Shlwapi.dll[/B] Ď

    Visual Report Writer uses the [B]VARIANT[/B] type to communicate with the External Library Functions (ELF). Because of this Windows APIís canít be called directly, doing so will stop the rendering of the reports as Visual Report Writer expects a variant type to return and direct calling might even crash ...
  2. How to make your own ELF

    by , 19-Jul-2013 at 04:33 PM (Development Team Blog)
    In this blog, i'll show you how to make a function number2words for use in Visual Report Writer. We are creating a dynamic link library (DLL) containing useful routines that can be used by Visual Report Writer. Using External Library Functions (ELF) is a great way to extend the functionality of Visual Report Writer.

    This walkthrough uses C and assumes you understand the fundamentals of the C language and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

    [B]This blog covers the following:[/B] ...
  3. Visual Report Writer and The Web (IV)

    In this fourth blog the Customer List is the topic. Ehh, a customer list, isn't that too simple for a demo and a blog? Yes and no. A customer list running on the Web Order Customer table is in fact a simple report but as you discover below we have added a couple of features to make the report and integration more attractive. To see the here discussed report in action you should navigate to the live demo website (European Server, USA server). You are also advised to read the three previous blogs ...