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  1. Fonts in Visual DataFlex

    There are many aspects to the discussions about how the new font system in Visual DataFlex works when compared to the old. This is actually a complex topic with a lot of different perspectives so this blog might be on the long side. I promise to do my best not to ramble (too much).

    Ill start by stating that the main goal in wirting this is to get everyone to a common understanding of the way fonts work: how the old system functioned, what we changed in moving to the new system and ...
  2. Linking from Developer Help to Visual DataFlex Help

    Now that Visual DataFlex supports adding developer and library help content to the main system, a number of developers have asked about linking content. Here are a few tips:

    Important: Our help content is, well, our help content and it can change at any time, including page names - so keep this in mind when choosing which material you want to use in links and how much you want to use linking.

    The main thing you need to know to establish a link from one book to ...

    Updated 7-Aug-2009 at 05:27 PM by Stephen W. Meeley

  3. Visual DataFlex Supports Citrix XenApp

    Note: This information applies to Visual DataFlex 2008 and higher.

    With the release of Visual DataFlex 12.1 official support was added for Windows Terminal Services. In Visual DataFlex 2008 we added official support for Citrix XenApp. Bjorn Thunvik assisted us with these tasks and, at the time, he wrote a great Start Center article explaining what this official support means. This is an important topic and I felt that it was worth adding to our development blog. Below is Bjorn's ...