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  1. Unable to Compile Applications in the Studio?

    by , 3-Nov-2011 at 01:21 PM (Development Team Blog)
    Do you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Are you having problems compiling your application in the Studio? I'm not talking about compiler errors, I'm talking about the Studio reporting that it cannot delete the old application .exe file before compiling the new one! If you are seeing that problem then read on, I may have the solution (or at least a little good advice)...

    [B]System Tune Up[/B]

    Ages ago I had turned off the windows [I]Application Experience[/I] service ...

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  2. Precompilation in Visual DataFlex - Set it and Forget it!

    by , 27-Jul-2009 at 02:03 PM (Development Team Blog)
    During the development of Visual DataFlex 12.0 we modified the compiler to track any changes to source code that belong to a precompiled package. For example, let's say you have a precompiled package (MyPrecompile.pkg) and one of the files used by MyPrecompile.pkg was edited since it was last precompiled. Now, when you go to compile a project that uses this precompile, the Compiler would detect the change and raise an error that the precompile is out of date.

    This was a good change ...