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  1. How to Use SOAP Headers to Limit the Lifespan of a WebService Call

    In this blog I will show you how you can limit the amount of time that an application can call a webservice function. It is a small contribution to security and helps you against unwanted webservice calls.

    SOAP Headers
    A SOAP based WebService call always contains a body section and optionally can contain a header section. The use of a SOAP header section on both the Visual DataFlex server as well as client side is good documented in the help provided with the product. The good ...

    Updated 31-Dec-2011 at 07:59 AM by Vincent Oorsprong (Made a link to the conversions library)

  2. How to change the internet connection timeout

    When your Visual DataFlex application makes an external call to a webservice the main program waits for its completion. If the request does not return immediately several things can be the cause. Your connection to your ISP can slow, the webserver you try to reach is busy, can be difficult found etc. If you want your application to continue as soon as possible and know (and this is the unknown keyfactor) that particular call should not take more than a couple of milliseconds to complete you can ...