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  1. The Case of OnIdle

    From time to time the question arises "how can I terminate my program when no activity took place?".

    Visual DataFlex offers two features named DFTIMER and cIdleHandler but both do not really cover the topic. Let us look closer at these two options and find a real solution.

    A Timer (DFTIMER)
    A timer (DFTIMER) fires a message every NN milliseconds no matter there is activity or not. In the list of tables treeview in Database Explorer we use an object of this class ...
  2. In Praise of All Things Idle

    by , 26-Apr-2010 at 08:00 AM (Development Team Blog)
    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]Recent research has suggested that "devil" is actually an old fashioned spelling for "developer". While this does not entirely surprise me, I will leave the theological implication of this to others. What I would like to discuss is how this applies to the old adage "Idle hands are the devilís workshop". Does this really refer to developers and, if so, how can we make idle hands or, more accurately [I]idle handlers[/I] part of our workshop?[/SIZE][/FONT] ...