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  1. Change Font of The Statusbar

    In almost every Visual DataFlex MDI Windows Application you have a statusbar. The statusbar is usually drawn at the bottom of your panel and is divided in one of more panes. Usually the first pane is reserved for statushelp. This blog tells you how you can change the appearance of a CodeJock statusbar and its panes.

    Changing the appearance of the statusbar means changing font attributes. The font settings of the statusbar and its panes are not exposed directly via properties ...
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  2. How to get volume information

    Always wanted to know what drives are available in your computer? Wanted to know what the status of the drive is? Wanted to know the serialnumber (e.g. 503E-A401)? Wanted to know is filename casing preserved? No... then go to the next blog. Yes, read on...

    Visual DataFlex has a command called GetDskInfo. You pass it an integer and because drives can be assigned to a drive letter there is a maximum of 26 drives. So we can make a loop through all the drives. In the following ...
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