View Full Version : Updated settings.ini for DataFlex Diagnostics v1.1 available!

Marcia Booth
14-Sep-2023, 09:30 AM
DataFlex Diagnostics uses settings.ini to store parameters used in the analysis of the systems where it is installed. With the release of DataFlex 2023, settings.ini has been updated to include information about the new version of the product.

You can download the new settings.ini from this post and replace the one in the folder where you have DataFlex Diagnostics installed.

Note that DataFlex Diagnostics will indicate that Codejock.ReportControl.22.0.0 is missing in DataFlex 23.0. That is because in version 22, Codejock renamed ReportControl to GridControl. You may ignore that failing item when it comes up in your report. However, Codejock.GridControl.22.0.0 will be recognized and should be listed as part of your DataFlex 23.0 environment.

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Happy troubleshooting!