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17-Nov-2022, 01:50 PM
I don't know if others have seen this but from virtually day 1 of deploying the 19.1 client to customers we've seen Database Explorer crash after selecting a workspace on startup. In some cases our support reps rely on Database Explorer to diagnose problems or inspect/modify database values to solve certain issues.

To work around this we typically run the 18.2 client version of Database Explorer or use SSMS.

I've never seen this on development workstations on other in house workstations, only on customer systems.

I tracked it down to a problem displaying the Welcome Dialog, which is done immediately after Database Explorer prompts you to select a workspace, whether or not a workspace is selected.

Running Database Explorer in Compatibility Mode for Windows 8 prevents the crash. The Welcome Dialog was displayed when running in compatibility mode, and turning off the Welcome Dialog and disabling compatibility mode then results in Database Explorer running just fine.

Changing the EnableWelcomeDialog DWORD to 0 under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Data Access Worldwide\DataFlex Tools\19.1\DbExplorer\Preferences also works to disable the Welcome Dialog.

While diagnosing this I did install the 20.1 client and confirmed that this is not problem under that version.

Samuel Pizarro
17-Nov-2022, 02:10 PM

We faced this issue as well, and the solution was the same..


17-Nov-2022, 02:15 PM
Yes, I just talked to my dad and he said oh yeah there's a registry setting I found on the forum.... I could not for the life of me find a post on the forum that addressed this. :confused:

And I could have sworn I already diagnosed this once before and found the problem but then apparently forgotten it and our support dept was asking about it recently. :rolleyes:

I made sure we have a KB article in our support system to address it.

Hans van de Laar
18-Nov-2022, 06:29 AM
Maybe this (https://support.dataaccess.com/Forums/showthread.php?65921-dbExplorer-crashes&highlight=dbExplorer+crashes+%5BSOLVED%5D)could help: